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Baby Vedic Name – Naman

Name: Naman

Gender: Unisex

Origin: Hindu, Indian, 

Naman meaning: to bow, to pay homage and respect, salutation

Number: 7

Moon sign (Rashi): Vruschika (Scorpio)

Star (Nakshtra): Anuradha

History behind the name: Naman is a name of Hindi and Hebrew origin with its literal meaning as salutation, being kind and paying respect and homage to others. It is a unisex name, which means both a boy and a girl can be called by it. The name belongs to the Vruschik (Scropio) moon sign, which makes them thoughtful and intense personalities. They are passionate if kept in any field of work, and their intensity comes into help in whatever activity they plan to do. They can be a little intimidating to others due to this characteristic, but their devotion and loyalty toward commitments and people around will make them a popular person to be around. Being born with the traits of a number 7, they tend to become highly analytical, independent, fearless, practical and knowledgeable. In terms of health, it could be a roller-coster ride with a love-hate relationship with food. Red, rust and light green are the colors that match most to the name, owing to the fact that they are quite a detrimental personalities. With a name meaning that represents the homage and respect toward people around, these personalities show true grit when it comes to surviving against all odds. Because they are humble and opinionated, their virtues are rightly aligned with their betterments. Babies having the name do exceptionally amazing in jobs related to administration, engineering and financial or banking sectors. They also have a good life in their retirement, where the accumulated knowledge and wealth comes into effect.