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Baby Vedic Name – Mridula

Name: Mridula

Gender: Girl

Meaning: Tender, Soft

Origin: Indian, Hindu, Tamil, Telegu, Oriya, Bengali, Malayalam, Kannada, Bengali, Gujrati, Hindi, Punjabi 

Beginning with the letter ‘M’, this name has Leo influence as it belongs to moon sign Leo. Girls/ladies with the name Mridula are often secretive in their behavior. They are quiet and do not respond much. However, they register everything and speaks when the time comes. As they are emotional, they often make friends who last for a lifetime. But at the same time, they never like outings with a bunch of people and prefer to be with just a group of close friends.


As they are a perfectionist in whatever they do, they prefer to work in fields that reflect certain specific outcome, such as accounting, banking, communication or even teaching. Their creative instincts are not very prominent, but they are good learners. Their confidence makes them successful in whatever they do.  Besides, they are trustworthy in every task that they undertake,  they prove to be good workers.

Expression Number

With the expression number 6 associated with ‘Mridula’, they are not just good looking and charming from the outside, but also from the inside.  Instead of being in a relationship, they prefer to involve in charitable acts. They are good gardeners and feel close to the plants. This reflects their goodness. Number 6 also conveys that they have a spiritual bent of mind and do not believe in propagating any religion.

Moon Sign:  Leo (Simha)

With the effect of the Moon sign  Leo, they are likely to e attractive. Girls with the name beginning from the letter ‘M’ are dedicated to their life and the mission in life. With a clear vision of what they wish to attain, they are determined to get that.