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Baby Vedic Name-Mohini

Name: Mohini

Gender: Girl

Meaning: Beautiful, bewitching, Mesmeric, Attractive, An Enchantress

Origin: Indian, Hindu, Tamil, Telegu, Oriya, Bengali, Malayalam, Kannada, Bengali, Gujrati, Hindi, Punjabi

The Sanskrit meaning of name Mohini is ‘Infatuating’. We all remember the name when Lord Vishnu adopted it during the Amrit tasting of the Asurs, which clearly means that the name meant nothing but attraction. With that attractive factor, they are the people who are articulate in speech and have a persuasive way of talking. They are always calm but are short tempered when the close ones become unfaithful.  The dance called Mohini Nattyam has named after this name with the crux that it enchants the observers.  

Number Analysis

The destiny number of the name Mohini is 5. The people with 5 as their destiny number are intelligent. Their intelligence is beyond the bookish course and has an analytical sharp mind. They get angry quickly and cannot withstand lies from their close ones. They are themselves very honest and prefer the same from others as well. Usually, Red color brings luck to them and they are big-hearted.

Love Life

They are not practical and when it comes to love they always follow their heart. However, they are at the same time mature in handling relationships. This makes them win the hearts of many as they are wonderful and good to talk to.  They prefer extreme transparency in the relationship and false commitments and untrue talks break their heart to an extent, which is difficult to mend.

Moon Sign:  Leo (Simha)

With wonderful wit and an eye for humor, girls with Mohini name have the highest intelligence quotient and common sense is extremely common to them. They dream and wish to fulfill them too. With the hard work, they put in, they are successful people in their endeavors.