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Baby Vedic Name-Mitali

Name: Mitali

Gender: Girl

Meaning:   Friendship, Beloved, Friendly

Origin: Indian, Hindu, Tamil, Telegu, Oriya, Bengali, Malayalam, Kannada, Bengali, Gujrati, Hindi, Punjabi

Number Analysis

It is a beautiful name ruled by the Sun as the moon sign is Leo. These individuals are usually cheerful and prefer an easy and comfortable life, and by God’s grace, they also get such a life. With a kind heart and generally a happy disposition they are wonderful people to hang around with. They are smart and successful in their endeavors. They turn out to be good at trades and business.  With that said, they also like scientific and artistic things and professions too.  Since they are clear what they want in life, they are also very independent. Often such women are the masters of their own destiny.

Love Life

With a receptive attitude in life, they easily fall in love with someone who looks for their support. As they are kind, they get anxious when they see their partner in turmoil and can go to any extent to make their partner happy. They prefer partners who are like them, as they are not comfortable in front of fake people.  This is also one of the reasons that justifies that people with the name Mitali are not patient in love.

Moon Sign:  Leo (Simha)

Dedicated to work, they fulfill their dreams based on their own hard work and diligence. Girls with this name are of a mixed temperament. They are outgoing when it comes to work and at the same time are very delighted to be in the comfort of their own home. So, don’t be surprised, if they want to spend their weekends at home.