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Baby Vedic Name -Madhuri


The name Madhuri that has a Sanskrit origin typically means Sweetness or Charming. 

It has been observed that a person with the name Madhuri is apparently impassive yet calm and reserved. She is highly patient in her approach towards decisions and by nature is secured, disciplined, determined and reliable. She carries flawless morality and is honest and shy at the same time. At times, she may suffer from low self-esteem, which may act upon her to stay aloof. She prefers to maintain a limited number of friends since she is of the opinion that it is better to have fewer authentic relationships.  She values what is true and meaningful than practice self- indulgence and shallowness. Therefore, she chooses her friends and companion very meticulously. She may not  be overtly impulsive and expressive yet when the situation arises, she may show her sensitive and emotional side as well. This is the reason why her strength of mind is most of the time misunderstood for vanity. She considers showing off her vulnerable side as a sign of weakness, which is why she makes sure to manage all aspects of life on her own rather than asking others for help. She relies heavily on logic and reasoning and even if she is made to believe in fantasies, it does not take long before she comes back to reality. 

A person with the name Madhuri loves nature and simplicity. She tries to stay away from treachery. She romanticises a world where all humans would stay united and peace prevail. She is actively involved with charitable organizations along with a deep understanding of religious conviction, poetry, music, travel and ancient history.