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Baby Vedic Name- Lakshay

Baby name: Lakshay

Gender: Male 

Meaning: Focus, aim, target

Nakshatra:  Ashwini

Rashi: Mesha (Aries)

The name Lakshay means to focus and concentration. Boys with the name will overcome all hurdles and accomplish their goals. They’re not affected by sadness and distress in this world. They are scholarly and attentive in their academics as well. They believe in liberal thought and therefore, excel in professions such as teaching and writing. A male child with the name Lakshay is focused and intelligent. They often prove their mettle in the medical field, especially Ayurveda and may become great healers. 

Endowed with outstanding psychic abilities, they have a defining personality. They are obedient, possess unique qualities, and handsome. 

Relevance in Hindu Mythology

The name Lakshay reminds us of Arjuna’s, bird’s eye test in the great Hindu epic Mahabharata. The episode teaches us all about how remaining focused and having an aim in life benefits a person in his personal or professional sphere. 


Guru Dronacharya who was skilled in military arts taught the art of warfare to both the Pandavas and Kauravas. However, Duryodhana, one of the Kaurava brothers accused Dronacharya of favoring Partha. To prove Duryodhana incorrect, Dronacharya tested Arjuna or Partha to strike a wooden bird’s eye placed on a tree branch. Dronacharya assembled all his students and asked what they see on the branch. They all said that could see a wooden bird. Only Arjuna said, “I only see the bird’s eye.” And he did strike the bird’s eye with the arrow when everyone failed. 

The moral of the story is focusing on your abilities to streamlining all your concentration to accomplish a goal. This story of achieving the Lakshay is relevant even today. Focus and goal-orientated are what makes people successful in life.