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Baby Vedic Name- Kumar

Vedic Baby Name Kumar

Baby name: Kumar

Gender: Male

Meaning: Young prince, young boy, son, 

Nakshatra:  Arudra

Rashi: Mithun (Gemini)

The name used as an adjective or a quality to describe boys with the name of Kumar. It is an epithet of God Kartikeya, the son of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati. It is also used as a Hindu or Buddhist title, first name, middle name, or refers to a family as well. 

Boys with the name Kumar usually have a successful career and future. The name refers to people who have the hunger to gain knowledge and this attribute makes them so career-oriented. 

Boys with the name Kumar are handsome and possess an attractive physique. They signify ecstasy and born fortunate. They are peace loving and know how to find happiness in life. People due to their cheerful nature love boys whose name is Kumar. 

Relevance in Hinduism and Mythological Texts 

The origin of the name Kumar traces back to the early development of Hinduism and its origin in our country. The first mention of the name was for the four sons of Lord Brahma in the Puranic texts related to Hinduism like Sanatana, Sanaka, Sanat, and Sanandana. 

The name Kumar meaning Kartikeya is mentioned in Skanda Purana, a text dedicated to the leelas of Kartikeya, Shiva and Parvati’s son. 


The name Kumar reminds us of the Ashwini Kumars in Hindu mythology, who are the two Vedic twin Gods of medicine, popularly known as the twin healers. The twin Gods are referred to as the divine equestrians in the Rigveda. The twin Kumars also signifies as the sons of the Sun God, Surya, and his wife Saranyu, the cloud Goddess. In the Atharvaveda, the kumars’ greatness is referred to as the disease-averting gods or idols.