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Baby Vedic Name-Karma


Karma is a name that is given to boys in India and its origins are related with Buddhist and Hindu religious thoughts. Like most people whose name start with K, boys named karma are knowledge seekers and they also achieve success in career without many hassles. They tend to have plenty of friends and those tend to be helpful to them as well. They are typically handsome and their attractiveness works in their favor. They are quite helpful by nature. These men are blessed to find suitable life partners.

The word Karma denotes actions are fate. A person’s actions are responsible for what he gets in life in return. It falls under number 10. These boys tend to be more honest than other. That is what they earn trust from those who are senior at workplace. They can join charitable organizations for prosperity. These men want things in place and seek perfection. They tend to have selfless in nature and want to get things to be executed smoothly.

They also have one drawback and that is fickle mindset. They therefore lack long term vision. They also become restless from time to time. They however have religious inclinations and like mingling with people having similar likings and mindset. However, sometimes they may lack seriousness in mind and that can hinder success. 

The name Karma falls under expression number 8, according to the Indian Vedic astrology. This makes them stylish and they develop a sense of fashion. They also tend to be quite creative and energetic in nature. They get good coworkers at the workplace. They have talent for drama and do well in literature based jobs.