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Baby Vedic Name- Kanishk

A depiction of the 7 chakras in a man and the relationship between chakras and planets

Kanishk is a name given to male kids in India. Like others names in Indian Astrology starting with K, Boys with this name are career oriented. They are able to get company of lots of friends and seek knowledge like anything. These boys find it easy to attain success and fame.  They typically have good looks and this makes them well suited for glamorous jobs. They also have generous people and love helping those in distress. They do not find it hard to locate the right loving companion.

The boys with the name Kanishk fall under number 19 and the word denotes a king. The men with this name tend to be pleasure loving and peaceful. They have a unique capacity to turn hostile situations positive. They have inborn leadership skills and this helps them do well in career too. They, however do especially well if they get into business. 

However, one big drawback of people with this name is their lack of capacity to contain anger. They tend to lose cool easily and that can make them land in trouble. Another drawback they suffer from is a fickle mindset. 

People with the name Kanishk are usually religious in nature and they seek perfection in things. They fall under expression number 1, as per Indian Vedic astrology. This makes them courageous. They are also known for traits like courage and ambition. They make it a point to fulfill their dreams and for that they are often termed as selfish but that is not true. Sometimes, they may end up taking risk in life owing to this nature. This can cause harm to them in life.