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Baby Vedic Name – Kamini

Akshar Abhyasam Gnana Saraswati Temple Basar


Like other names in Indian Astrology starting with K, those with the name Kamini so well in life and career, in general. They are knowledge seekers and this trait helps them shine in career. They are usually blessed with a good number of friends and manage to balance professional and personal life. They usually do well in life if they choose any glamour industry related jobs. These girls usually earn plenty of money through their hard work and talent. They do not have to face hardship in finding a suitable life partner.

The word Kamini denotes a beautiful woman. Women with this name fall under number 14 and this gives them the capacity to deal with things in the best way. These girls tend to be quite ambitious and this sometimes may make them face criticism. One significant trait is they feel alone a lot more than others and they have serious nature.

Those with the name Kamini tend to be fickle minded and this hinders them from having a long term vision. They typically maintain discretion while talking with people. Their good looks work in their favor and they also have a perfection seeking nature. These women feel like getting involved in welfare related tasks. They are not so much rational as they have a wavering mind. Their inquisitive nature often lands them in trouble. 

Kamini named girls have expression number 3 as per the Indian Vedic astrology. This adds to their charming nature and they tend to be creative and passionate. They can motivate others around and take a decision from the heart. They usually shine in writing related jobs. They also have talent in acting.