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Baby Vedic Name- Kaivalya

Vedic Name: Kaivalya

Meaning: Perfect Isolation

Gender: Boy

Origin: Hindu

Names that start with letter ‘K’ have a very bright future and a fulfilling career. They have great knowledge which helps them in achieving huge success in their career. Even though they are highly professional, they maintain a good relationship with their friends and family and are very cooperative towards them. People whose name starts with ‘K’ have influential parents and they are always on their feet to help others. Because of their hard work they are able to make a lot of money and live a very comfortable life. 

The name ‘Kaivalya’ means Perfect Isolation. People with this name are honest and fair to everyone. They have a fickle mind and often find it hard to focus on one thing or follow a particular goal/ vision for a long time. They are courageous and brilliant with strong religious beliefs. People named Kaivalya are often driven towards philanthropic work and engage in social services. They are super active and are curious by nature. Their curiosity can sometimes also make them impatient. They are also self-motivated and hold a lot of confidence in themselves. They never shy away from looking deep into themselves. Spending time with like-minded people is what they love. 

The name falls under the number 16 of numerology and the natives of this number are full of confidence. They enjoy their work and often get accolades from their colleagues. The natives of this number lack support from their own family. But the self-confidence in them drives towards success and greatness. They are always willing to do work of others and never hesitate in pushing their own boundaries.