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Baby Vedic Name- Jitendra

Vedic Name: Jitendra

Meaning: Lord of Conquerors

Gender: Boy

Origin: Hindu

People with first letter ‘J’ in their name are strong headed and loveable people. They do not rush into trusting new people and take their time before they allow strangers into their life. They are a person of logic and will not do anything that lacks any meaning to them. People with first letter ‘J’ are prone to accidents and it must be taken into consideration before taking a trip with them. They love to indulge in good clothes and food and this may contribute to the financial instability in the future. 

The name ‘Jitendra’ is formed from words Jeet and Indra which means the one who has won Indra. It is one of the names of Lord Hanuman and Gautam Buddha. It is believed that the name originated from the Sanskrit word, ‘Jitendriya’ which mean ‘one who has conquered all the senses’. 

People named ‘Jitendra’ are highly professional and have a strong desire to live a disciplined life to achieve success. They are natural leaders and take their responsibilities very seriously. This is one reason they get a lot of praises and appreciation in their work. 

The animal associated with the name is Elephant and the tree associated is Jackfruit. Both the associations signify wealth, greatness and royalty. 

The name falls under the number 23. Names under this number have a good fortune and luck is on their side. They are surrounded by friends and family. They are supportive and loving in nature. People of this native are wise with their monetary investments and know exactly where and how to invest to reap good results.