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Baby Vedic Name- Jai

Vedic Name: Jai

Meaning: Victorious, Conqueror

Gender: Boy

Origin: Hindu

People whose name starts with the letter ‘J’ are loved and adored by their friends, family, and peers. Because of their personality, they often provide their unconditional support to others. They also tend to live in their own dream world and it is observed that they follow the spiritual path in the later stages of their life. People with first letter ‘J’ in their name are very logical in nature. They take their own time to let strangers in their life and open up to them. Being judgemental is their nature but not without a cause. 

The meaning of name ‘Jai’ is victorious and winner. People with this name are a natural leader with the intention of always helping others. Taking part in philanthropic services is second to their nature. They are very successful in their field and due to this they also have very good luck with money. 

People named ‘Jai’ are very conscious of their goals in life and choose to live with discipline. Because of their inherent quality, they may be dominating in their nature. They are highly professional and take their responsibilities seriously.  This is one reason why they strive to achieve perfection in everything they do. 

The animal associated with this name is Elephant and the tree associated with the name is Jackfruit. Both the associations signify wealth, royalty and greatness. 

The name falls under the number 11. People of this native are very responsible and empathetic towards others. This makes them an inspiration for all. Their honest nature helps them grow in their field and earn accolades from others. Their honest deeds and efforts help them make money in honest ways.