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Baby Vedic Name-Jagrav

Vedic Name: Jagrav

Meaning: Awakened

Gender: Boy

Origin: Hindu

People whose name starts with ‘J’ are very lovable. They are practical and logical people and never shy away from helping others. That is one reason that people with first letter ‘J’ in their name are adored by their friends, family, and peers. It must be kept in mind that they are also not very willing to form relationships with strangers and take their own time to know people around them before they allow others into their lives. They are also judgemental but with a good reason. 

The name Jagrav means awakening and people with this name are generally stylish and love to dress up nicely. They are also very homely and take good care of their parents. As the name falls under the number 14, there have the ability and power to deal with people calmly. But the natives of this number are generally alone, even among the crowd. But they can take advantage of the crowd and their personality to win the hearts of people. 

The animal associated with the name Jagrav is an elephant and the tree associated with the name is Jackfruit. Both the associations generally signify the wealth, royalty and greatness which are the qualities of the person named Jagrav. 

People named Jagrav are inherently professional and often look for the career options that can drive their adventurous nature. With their excellent communications skill, being in the legal field can help them grow and succeed. 

Their talents are not limited to only their profession. People named Jagrav enjoy cooking and are also big foodies which needless to say makes them a great host.