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Baby Vedic Name -Indira


Among all the gifts that you can give your child as a parent, the most precious can be the name. It is their identification throughout their life and can have a significant impact on their entire life. Choosing a unique name, they may be able to stand out in a crowd. 

On the other hand, certain names are having so much positive energy that they become ubiquitous. Giving your child one of these names is like blessing them with these energies. One such common Hindu name for a baby girl is “Indira”.

Literal Meaning

The literal meaning of the name “Indira” is beauty and splendour. It is another name of Goddess Lakshmi, who is considered the one is bestowing wealth and prosperity. 

Characteristics of the name

The bearer of the name “Indira” has a few features that make her stand out from the crowd, the first being the clear vision and understanding of the situation. These females tend to have a strong personality and can stand their ground in any circumstances. Thus, they are liked by many and equally disapproved by people who cannot take in their strength.

Apart from being steadfast, the individuals with this name are outstanding leaders and are courageous enough to take the right decisions as and when required. These qualities fuelled by their ambition and never give up mindset make them great achievers in whatever field they choose to be. They are not afraid to take risks for fulfilling their dreams. Also, people with the name “Indira” are incredibly creative and do not delay making decisions. All these qualities taken together, make them well-loved leaders.