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Baby Vedic Name -Hritika


Choosing the right name for a baby has a lot of significance in Vedic astrology, as the child carries the name throughout their life and hence their destinies are tied in a way to the name. It is a parent’s gift to their child and must be carefully considered for its impact throughout the life of the child. A simple yet widely preferred name for a girl, in the Hindu households, is Hritika.

Literal Meaning

The literal meaning of the word Hritika is Joy, Happiness, Truthful and a small flowing stream. The name also has a male version “Hritik”.

Characteristics of the name

As signified by the beliefs in Vedic astrology, the characteristics of the name also define the individual’s characteristics, since it is the name that is their identification. Although every child is a source of happiness for their parents, a baby can be named Hritika in the hope that this name brings her pure joy and happiness at every stage in life.

The name belongs to the numerological number 4 known for being analytical, logical, disciplined and meticulous. These individuals like to follow the rules and hence are loved by one and all. Thus, a child named Hritika will be a pleasure to have around. With their propensity to follow the rules and being organised, they are sheer joy for their parents and everyone who gets to know them.

Another characteristic of their logical mindset is their attention to details, making them great analysts and scientists. Their inclination towards discovering the minutest details, combined with their disciplined and joyful nature makes science, administration and management a great career choice for them.