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Baby Vedic Name -Hiranya


The name ‘Hiranya’ is derived from Sanskrit and generally means something made out of gold or any precious metal. It is also associated with Lord Vishnu in many ways as per Indian mythology. It is a unique name prevalent in India and is also unisexual in nature. The name is under the Karkat rashi and is governed by the planet Uranus. In terms of numerology, the name has a value of 7.

The name Hiranya generally indicates a practical nature that comes with the skills of critical observation. These individuals are calculating in nature and take their time in analysing events and situations. They are also very sincere in personal relationships and can keep secrets close to their hearts. Those with this name are also methodical in nature and have great ability to pick up skills and knowledge. In terms of professions, a person named Hiranya will do well as a lawyer or a technician.

The traits that come with this name also include a suspicious and overly cautious nature. They often tend to be overconfident and can fall prey to deception. They are not very steady in terms of health and can suffer from diseases like diabetes. These individuals often tend to be of serious disposition and avoid fun and excitement.

In Indian scriptures, Hiranyaksha and Hiranyakashipu were demon brothers who were slain by the incarnations of Lord Vishnu. Their stories originate from the point when they were gatekeepers in the abode of Vishnu and had to take birth as demons due to a curse. The name also appears in the Hiraṇyavarṇa Mahavihara, is a very significant temple in Patan, Nepal. This name is one that is most attached with the traces of Indian mythology.