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Baby Vedic Name – Hemant


The term ‘Hemant’ refers to the early winter season in India and it is one of the best periods during a year. The name Hemant comes under the Karkat rashi with Venus as the ruling planet. In terms of numerology, the number associated with this name is 7. The name Hemant is generally given to Hindu boys across India. 

It is usually common among individuals with the name Hemant to have traits of sensitivity and romance in their nature. Along with these they are also cautious in approach and often display traces of shyness. These individuals have a flexible mind-set and can adapt to changes effectively. They also have a great sense of empathy and being lovers of nature, they tend to do well in fields of creativity. They also have a great sense of responsibility and are most content when they are with their family.

Those with the name Hemant can be very critical about themselves and often tend to get cynical. They also prefer to follow a straight path in life and bending rules is not for them. They are also plagued by emotional insecurity at times, especially when kept away from the family. Being a dreamer by nature, they can often lean towards inactivity and idleness. They can also suffer from health issues like bone related problems.

Those with the name Hemant will do well as fitness consultants and psychologists. These individuals are also known for their creativity and originality. Hemant Kumar was one of the most popular music directors working in the Hindi film industry in the middle of the last century. With tolerance and devotion being their virtues, those with the name Hemant can stand out as creative and sensitive human beings