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Baby Vedic Name – Harshad


The name ‘Harshad’ is derived from the Sanskrit term ‘Harsha’ which means happiness. This name signifies a person who is a bringer of joy and pleasure to all and it falls under the Karkat rashi with the Moon as the dominant planet. It is a common male name in India and in terms of numerology, the number associated with the name is 5. 

The name generally indicates a calm and composed individual who can invoke confidence in others. Being very concerned about the happiness of the near and dear ones, he could use the best weapons in his arsenal to achieve those goals. These weapons are a disarming smile, kindness, diplomacy and even deception. He also carries a lot of sensitivity and is prone to emotional involvement. Hence these individuals require the right amount of guidance and encouragement from a young age to set foot in the right direction.

His caring nature and strive for perfection can often place him into situations of dilemma and leave him confused. They are also prone to suffer from health concerns and need to pay close attention in that direction. Being perfectionists, they can often get bogged down by their scrupulousness. So they need to ensure the right balance in their lives no matter what profession they choose.

Those with the name Harshad are friendly and jovial individuals with an optimistic nature. They also have a taste for good things in life and their love for food will definitely prompt them into throwing a few parties for friends. With their good communication skills, they can do very well in the legal profession or as journalists. No matter which profession he follows, Harshad is sure to find good friends and interesting company.