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Baby Vedic Name -Harish


The name ‘Harish’ is quite common for a male Hindu child and the name is one of the many given to Lord Vishnu. In some other ways it also represents Lord Shiva. The dominant rashi for this name is Karkat and the dominant planet is Moon. In terms of numerology, the lucky number for this name is 9.

This name generally leads to the traits of intelligence and dedication. These individuals carry a lot of positive energy and tend to be dedicated towards a particular goal. While they remain focussed on their goal, they can also attract a lot of money. The name also marks a capability to become successful teachers and artists as they like to involve themselves thoroughly in their field of work. The name also brings in the characteristics of benevolence and philanthropy.

In terms of astrology, a name starting with letter ‘H’ signifies a weak constitution and an introvert nature. Those with this name also tend to get perturbed by tensions and stress quite easily. Hence they need to take care of their health and find the right outlet for their mental anxieties. The name also suggests a tendency of not being able to concentrate in a matter for long and does not prefer being tied down by boundaries of any form.

Famous Indian personalities with this name include the legendary mountaineer Harish Kapadia, actor Harish Kumar and the mythical king Harishchandra. King Harishchandra was the epitome of truthfulness and the ancient Indian texts mention about his sacrifice of his kingdom and even his family to keep his word. The name thus has its roots in ancient Indian culture and continues to be a popular choice in the country.