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Baby Vedic Name-Gunjitha


A baby’s name holds a lot of importance for his or her parents and they put in a lot of efforts to find the right name for their little one. As the baby is going to be known by this name throughout their life, it is kind of a gift from the parents to them in the form of a blessing. It is a well-known fact that the Hindu belief system treats nature at par with Gods and Goddesses. Thus, a lot of Hindu names also come from Mother Nature, for example – Gunjitha.

Literal Meaning

The name Gunjitha is derived from Gunjan meaning the humming of a bee. The carefree humming of a bee resonates with every individual and gives them a message of enjoying even hard work. Thus, it is an inspiring name and is generally the name given to a girl child.

Characteristics of the name

The individuals with the name Gunjitha are as selfless as a bee, creating honey out of nectar for the whole world. These people are loved and known for their selfless love towards others. Another important aspect of their personality is the command they have over communication skills – both verbal and non-verbal – and the appreciation for the creative field of fine arts.

These girls also have a taste for the finest pleasures in life and like to work towards their appearance. They would know the latest fashions and how to be on trend. However, what matters more to them than mere external appearances, is the stability of their family life. Thus, they do not think twice before giving up the pleasures for the sake of their families.