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Baby Vedic Name-Gautam


One of the most popular traditions in almost every Hindu household is the naming ceremony of a new born child in the family. This simple ritual has such a significance owing to a strong belief rooted in Vedic astrology. It is believed that the name of a child has a great impact on their nature, personality and the way they will lead their lives. Thus, parents look for the best and most positive names for their little ones and gift it to them. 

An extremely common name with a great meaning is “Gautam”. 

Literal Meaning / Legend Associated

The literal meaning of the word Gautam is remover of darkness. It signifies one who has removed the darkness of ignorance with the light of knowledge. Thus, Prince Siddharth, after getting his enlightenment became “Gautam Buddha”. There are a number of ways this name is spelled including Gautam, Gotam, Gotama and Gautama.

Characteristics of the name

Since the word Gautam is associated with learning and removing darkness, the child with the name is also expected to be wise. This is generally the case. Individuals with this name are known in their circle for their intelligence and ability to grasp very quickly. 

Also, with their knowledge, they understand what is important in life and what can be avoided. Thus, they are very peace loving people in general. And their positive outlook in life helps them surmount many difficulties. This is also a big reason why, individuals with the name Gautam are found in leadership positions. Their loving nature, positive disposition and quest for knowledge makes them loved by many and help them attain senior positions in life.