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Baby Vedic Name-Eashan


Naming is an important milestone in the life of a baby as per Vedic astrology. Hence, typically a naming ceremony is held for a child in all Hindu households. It is believed that a name is symbolic of the life that the child will live as it is a unique identification for him / her. Thus, most families tend to name their children after Gods / Goddesses and family deities. One such common name for a boy is “Eashan”.

Literal Meaning / Legend associated

The name Eashan is one of the names for Lord Shiva. It represents the power in his third eye.

Characteristics of the name

A child with the name “Eashan” has certain personality characteristics that stand out. Their creativity and their intelligence are the first things that will make people notice and acknowledge them. The clarity of their thoughts and the far sightedness helps them achieve things that are considered out of reach by other people.

The people with the name “Eashan” are generally family oriented and find their happy space in their homes. However, this happiness combined with their over thinking habit can sometimes lead to stress as they worry a lot about their loved ones. 

These people are also some of the most practical and independent people and do not like interference from others. Once they have set up their minds to achieve something, they will go out and get it for sure. Their positivity and energetic charisma rubs onto others as well making them great team members. Although, they are bestowed with a lot of money, they tend to over spend frequently and hence need to be careful.