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Baby Vedic Name-Dushyant

chant mantra for moon during lunar eclipse.


The meaning of this name is destroyer of the demon or evil. Again, a name having its deep roots into Sanskrit and mythology is Dushyant. It has a very bold and powerful presence while naming a baby boy. The name is very strong to make a presence felt.

The name suits the zodiac sign Pisces and comes under number 29 making it very lucky and auspicious for naming. They are highly sportive in nature and do not take any offense to criticism.

Numerological number is 4 is unique for people born under the Pisces zodiac sign.

Their professional life is highly successful along with wealth according to numerology. However, such namesakes are spendthrift and may deplete their savings or financial resources sooner than saving it. 

The boys or men with the name Dushyant are highly emotional and have high commitment and love relationships which may even end up into marriage. Also, they do not like to live by any rules and prefer to live their life on their own terms and conditions.

People with the name Dushyant would prefer stability in their lives and would like to stay grounded at home and bound by several responsibilities and they enjoy taking care of such factors.


Dushyant is a powerful masculine name used by Indians to name their offspring; it also can be modified into feminine names and can be used for naming baby girls too.

Mythological origin helps having an authentic source for the name even if the name is rare and bold. The name is quite helpful for those people who would want their sons to flaunt authentic Sanskrit names which are unique.