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Baby Vedic Name -Dharma


The meaning of the name Dharma means law and order or ultimate law of the universe. This also indicates that people with such names shall attain success in all their endeavors they are Sagittarian names starting with the letter ‘D’.

Those babies having their names as Dharma shall have a smooth and seamless life without any hurdles. They also shall be highly responsible for all their work. However, a high emotional quotient and caring nature towards others shall govern their traits. Achievement of material success early in life like house or car is also possible.

The people with the name Dharma turn out to be luckier in terms of finance and money. The lucky number of this name is 8 and falls under the number 17.

Such individuals are highly intelligent and ambitious in a way that they can either earn success in the corporate or through any sources. They have the quality to make others understand in a way they understand.

These people have also the ability to make money or finances from multiple sources. They are highly flexible and can adjust to any given circumstance. Great oratory skills are one among the unique nature of such individuals which makes them applicable for joining political parties or being a leader.


Dharma is a name which can be given to a Sagittarian baby boy with a dynamic and deep rooted personality who may be stubborn at times. This name is not unisex and also cannot be modified to form a feminine name.

The numerology for this specific name is 9 which are found to be very lucky for most Indians who trust and believe astrology and horoscope for naming their babies.