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Baby Vedic Name -Deepak

Vedic Baby Name Deepak

Baby name: Deepak

Gender: Male

Meaning: Deepak means lamp, brilliance

Nakshatra: Ashlesha

Rashi: Meen (Pisces)

The name means lamp, brilliance, illuminating. People with the name Deepak are born with an air of self-love. They spread brightness around and people find these individuals fortunate. Boys with the name have a wonderful effect on others and so they are never boring. They are like a breath of fresh air around people and they have creative skills. They like to do things creatively at all stages of their lives. Boys with the name Deepak are fickle-minded as well. However, they are romantic human beings and expect love from their partners. They are introvert and boys with the name Deepak may not open up or express their emotions before others. In Vedic astrology, boys with the name Deepak are kind and charitable in nature. 

Relevance of Deepak 

The Deepak or Diya is lit on every Hindu festival and ritual, in daily Aartis and pujas. According to Hindu mythology, a Deepak is lit in front of the idols of Gods and Goddesses. In some temples, you will find the akhanda deep burnt continuously. 

Aarti is the sixteenth step when it comes to pujas and rituals. The Deepak lighted signifies auspicious light. The Aarti is performed at the end of every Hindu puja.  During an Aarti, the devotees of God chant hymns and prayers describing the Almighty’s glory. They clap, blow conch shells, and ring bells. Once the Aarti is over, the devotees place their palm above the sacred flame and touch it over their heads to receive God’s blessings. 

Beliefs in Hindu Mythology 

According to Hindu mythology, it’s believed that the oil of the Deepak or lamp signifies vasana and the wick ego. Therefore, when the Diya is lighted through spiritual knowledge, vasana is exhausted while the ego dies gradually. The flame of the Deepak burning upward resembles divine knowledge, thus elevating a person on the spiritual level. Lighting a Diya signifies knowledge to eliminate evil and the darkness of ignorance.