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Baby Vedic Name -Darshan

Vedic Baby Name Darshan

Baby name: Darshan

Gender: Male

Meaning: It is a Hindu God’s name meaning, showing respect. 

Nakshatra:  Pushyami

Rashi: Meen (Pisces)

The name Darshan means a successful individual as stated in Vedic Astrology. Boys with this name have a philosophical and spiritual heart and mind. They think deeply and are realistic when it comes to taking a decision. They are time conscious and disciplined in their work, thus making them successful with a flourishing career. They like freedom and liberty. They prefer holiness in their home and workplace. Boys with the name Darshan are gifted writers. They believe in destiny and like to submit to Providence. 

They spend their happy moments will all. They are emotional, responsible, and aware of their social obligations. They have the ability to overcome the challenges of life with ease. 

The relevance of Darshan in Indian Mythology

The Rishis of ancient times had a clear vision of life and loved to share their knowledge of the universe with others. These understandings were communicated through rituals and symbols over the years. Unfortunately, today Darshan means looking and not about profound wisdom, philosophy, and learning. 


What does the Darshan of Lord Shiva and Shri Krishna mean? Shiva shuns material things while Vishnu celebrates all things material. The temple of Shiva is always simple while Krishna temples are elaborate in style and decoration. Shiva spurns his worldly form and therefore, he represents the linga. Krishna, on the contrary, stands in full human form playing the flute. Lord Shiva shuns Gauri while Krishna’s love for Radha is eternal. Shiva is a hermit-God and usually alone. Ram and Sita, Radha and Krishna, and Vishnu and Laxmi are always seen together in Indian temples. 

The Darshan of Lord Shiva and Shri Krishna teach us many things about life. The Darshan of Shiva means withdrawal from the material world while that of Krishna means worldly attachment.