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Baby Vedic Name-Daksh


Baby name Daksh meaning and Astrology

Baby Name: Daksh 

Gender: Boy

Origin: Hindu, Indian, Oriya, Tamil, Telugu, Gujarati, Malayalam, Marathi

Daksh Meaning: Son of Lord Brahma, Fire, Capable, Telented, Competent

Variant: Daksha, Dhakshaya, Dakshya

Number: 7

Moon Sign (Rashi): Pisces (Meen)

Star (Nakshtra): Purvabhadra

Similar Names

Name: Dakshata, Gender: Boy

Name: Dakshit, Gender: Boy

Name: Daakshi, Gender: Girl

Name: Daakshya, Gender: Girl

People named Daksh have excellent leadership capabilities and enjoy personal independence. They are more focused on large, important issues and delegate details. The people with this name are excellent in understanding and learning. They grow up to be philosophers, teachers, and mystics. They tend to live in their own minds and are usually introverts. People named Daksh are scholars and see their world in larger pictures; they are solitarily thoughtful and have a better analysis of people around them. Sometimes they are aloof, and even melancholy. 

People named Daksh are highly spiritual and have a religious bend of mind. Best suited professions for people name Daksh are psychologists and fitness experts. They have an impressive nature and can entertain a large gathering of guests. They are modest and are therefore often undervalued. Nevertheless, they are quite responsible and are great learners. They are highly emotional by nature.  Person with the name Daksh are symbols of ecstacy and are peace lovers. They have a jolly nature and make a deep impact in the minds of people, wherever they go. People named Daksh should maintain their diet strictly as they tend to suffer from stomach and liver problems. They share everything with their spouses and they care for their life partners a lot. They need to be highly patient to resolve troubles in life.