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Baby Vedic Name-Chandak

Vedic Baby Name Chandak

Baby name: Chandak

Gender: Male

Meaning: It is a Hindu name meaning moon or moonlight.  

Nakshatra:  Revathi

Rashi: Meen (Pisces)

Boys with the name Chandak means bright and brilliant as the moon. People with the name have a profound longing for love and company. They want others to achieve peace of mind and agreement. They have balance and accord in their lives and respond to things beautiful. 

The name is associated with loneliness, romance, pleasant nights, kinship, and friendship. 

Vedic significance 

The Vedas perceive the moon as a divinity that influenced the people of that age. Boys with the name Chandak think ahead of the world, time, and life. Therefore, it is no wonder why the people belonging to the Vedic age were inspired by the moon. They perceived it as a symbolism of life, cosmos, and death. 

The Vedic people saw the moon shining and fading often and therefore, they saw the moon as a symbol of recurrence, rebirth, and repetition. In Hinduism, the moon has much significance. The celestial body symbolizes many aspects of life, creation, and the existence of mortal beings. 

The Vedas perceive the moon as a vessel having the mysterious Soma drink. The worshippers in the Hindu religion consumed the liquid on special occasions to change the state of consciousness and communicate with the celestial bodies and Almighty God. 

Mythological stories 

According to Hindu mythology, the moon symbolizes the Vedic idols Chandra and Soma, the soma ritual, the state of dream, graha, and the ancestral world. The name Chandak also means rebirth, the mind, the eye, and a king. It means a jewel embellishing the head of Lord Shiva in Hindu religion. It also signifies impermanence and decay. 

The moon has special significance and relates to the leelas of Radha-Krishna. On a full moon night of the Sharat season, Lord Krishna fulfilled the wishes of the Gopis including Radha and played His divine flute, mesmerizing all Gopis with the soulful music. Hearing Krishna’s flute, the Gopis left all work and arrived in the forest of Vrindavana, where Shri Krishna was playing His flute.