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Baby Vedic Name-Chaitanya

Baby name: Chaitanya

Gender: Male

Meaning: It is a Hindu boy name meaning consciousness 

Nakshatra:  Revathi

Rashi: Meen (Pisces)

Chaitanya also called Shri Krishna Chaitanya and Gauranga worshipped Lord Krishna with through blissful singing and dancing on the streets. Chaitanya has a deep influence on Vaishnavism in West Bengal. 

Boys with the name Chaitanya are affectionate and piety. They are usually knowledgeable and educated. They are focused, strong-willed, and extremely practical in whatever they do. The negatives traits are their selfishness and self-centered nature. 

Historical significance and stories 

Born of a Brahman father, Chaitanya received education in Sanskrit, especially the scriptures. After the demise of his father, he started his school. In Gaya, he experienced deep religious knowledge and wisdom that changed his outlook towards life completely. He became a different person altogether. When he returned to Navadwip, he was a God-intoxicated personality, not caring about worldly attachments and possessions. 

Soon he had many followers and devotees who gathered to perform Kirtans, which means choral singing that names God together with religious hymns. The songs were often followed by dancing and the devotees concluding in a state of daze or trance. 

When he was named Shri Krishna Chaitanya, he wanted to travel to Vrindavana, which is a place close to Shri Krishna’s childhood and youth. However, on his mother’s assertion, Chaitanya left for Puri and settled there where his disciples could access him with ease. By this time, Chaitanya became a complete ascetic. 

He never organized any separate faction. Neither had he worked on Theology, rather entrusting the same work on his disciples. He led a simple life with deep religious sentiments was the source and motivation for a great religious movement. 

He soon fell ill, however, the exact cause of his demise is unkn. However, there are many stories that narrate that Chaitanya dred by accident in a state of deep, religious joy and elation.