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Baby Vedic Name-Atharv

Vedic Baby Name Atharv

Baby name: Atharv

Gender: Male

Meaning: It means knowledge and is of Sanskrit origin. Athrav Veda is a Vedic name signifying the knowledge of the Almighty or Rishi. 

Nakshatra:  Krithika

Rashi: Mesh (Aries)

Athrav refers to Lord Brahma’s eldest son who appears in the Mundaka Upanishad. Atharvan was a famous Rishi in the Hindu religion, who in collaboration with Angiras is believed to have penned the Atharv Veda. The sage also started the sacrifice of Agni or fire, called Yagna. Many times, the Rishi also considered as one of the seven Saptarishi or seers. 

Boys with the name Atharv are born leaders with a great force of enthusiasm, energy, and focused on what they do. However, they are spontaneous, impulsive but never spiteful. They are focused to succeed in life and sometimes, self-centered. 

If you have a male child named Athrav, he will grow up as a brave and fearless man, thus making his presence and actions felt. They are high-spirited and eager to try challenging tasks that others will be afraid to take. They are friendly, courageous, and optimistic. Boys with the name Atharv are passionate, thus flattering and inspiring to others. They are quick to forget anger and frustration. They grow up to be keen athletes and openhanded players, loving the hurdles of tough competition. However, they become hostile and enthused at times. They are active participants in anything they do in life, maintaining a frenzied pace that others find hard to match. 

Mythological stories

Boys with the name are believed to belong to the clan Atharvanas. Atharvan tied the wedlock with Shanti, the daughter of Rishi Kardama. They had a son named Dadhichi, who became a legendary sage later. 

According to Hindu religious texts such as Mundaka Upanishad and others, and Hindu mythology, Atharv was the Manasputra born from Lord Brahma’s mind.