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Baby Vedic Name -Arun

Baby Name : Arun

Gender : Boy

Origin : Hindu, Indian

Aarav Meaning : Great Future Leader, Sun, As per mythology Charioteer of Sun, Dawn, The coming of the day 

Variant : NA

Numerology : 9

Moon Sign (Rashi) : Aries(Mesh)

Star (Nakshatra) : Krittika

The name “Arun” in Hindu mythology means the reddish glow in the morning sky. They have intense urges and feelings towards particular situation in life keeps you motivated, the same motivation can be without any logical reasoning.  The stubborn nature makes them regret their action sometimes. They have strong will power and are strong minded people. The stubborn attitude and promising nature creates difficulty for them sometimes. The popularity amongst others  are very common for them. The name “Arun”  has Krittika nakshatra and krittika nakshatra names starts from the alphabets (A, I, E, U). Male with Krittika nakshatra are very intelligent in general. As per Indian astronomy names starting with the Alphabet “A” are very creative and a very talented person.  They are secretive by nature & very modest. “Arun” the name as mentioned above is stubborn in nature thus they can adopt the profession which are related to machines, like mechanical work or technical work. 

The name “Arun” belongs to numerology 9 as per the vedic astrology. The number 9 being the lucky number are hard worker  and have piece of action ready for the same. The name “Arun” are very analytical and have logical reasoning. The number 9 people are very passionate, have sense of romance and are so dedicated to work that follow their passion of profession like technical field where the passion and hard work pays for them. Being on the emotional side, they get hurt easily sometimes.