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Baby Vedic Name -Aarav

Baby Name : Aarav

Gender : Boy

Origin : Hindu, Indian

Aarav Meaning :  Intelligence/Wisdom, cool, sound, shout, calm, peaceful

Variant : Arav

Numerology : 7

Moon Sign (Rashi) : Aries(Mesh)

Star (Nakshatra) : Krittika

The name “Aarav” has Krittika nakshatra and krittika nakshatra names starts from the alphabets (A, I, E, U). Male with Krittika nakshatra are very intelligent in general. The word “Aarav” specifically means peaceful/calm, it also has some significance to music which also means a sound. As per Indian astronomy names starting with the Alphabet “A” are very creative and a very talented person. They are secretive by nature & very modest. In the professional world they show the attributes of logical reasoning and counter arguments thus they can be a fitness expert or psychologists in similar field where they can argue and also use their logical reasoning skills. As per the vedic astronomy the person with the name “Aarav” are very spiritual person.

They are too modest but they are not valued as what they deserve, their efforts are sometimes undervalued.  

The number 7 is the harmony number as per numerology for the name “Aarav”. As per numerology 7 number person are of great intelligence and they consist of great brain power, but at the same are very indecisive, they can not take decision at some given point in time in spite of high intellectually. They are very humble and with noble hearts, they are sometimes too generous in nature as per the numerology. They are depend if they feel the situation is unfair or unjust. They are on the other hand, very creative and highly inventive in nature, great mentor as well.