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All About Saadhe-Satti

The one aspect of astrology that even a layman is familiar with is the Saadhe-Satti. This seven and a half period has different names in regional languages. It is however looked upon with the same amount of fear. It is believed that this time of life will bring many challenges at best.

Saadhe-Satti And Its Three Phases

Saadhe-Sati is the period when the moon transits over the twelfth, first and second house from itself. This is seen only from the moon and not the Lagna (ascendant). Since Saturn is a slow-moving planet it takes an average of about 2.5 years to transit through each Rashi of the zodiac. So 2.5 years through each of three Rashis makes 7.5 years. This is why this period is also called ‘Saadhe-Satti’ or ‘Ellurai Shani’ which translate as seven and a half Shani.

For example, if your moon sign in a Vedic Astrology chart is Saggitarius, your first phase of Saadhe-Sati starts when Saturn transits into Scorpio (12th house). When Saturn transits into Saggitarius itself (1st house) it is the second phase, and the transit into Capricorn (2nd house) marks the third and last phase. Saadhe-Sati for this Saggitarius example ends when Saturn transits into Aquarius (3rd house). These three phases are the rising, peak and setting phase.

Another related but a lesser period of difficult Saturn transit is the Dhaiyya or Small Panoti when Saturn transits through the fourth Rashi from the Moon. The transit through the eighth house from the moon is called Kantakashani or Ashtama Shani. This is also a difficult period. These two difficult periods last about two and a half years each.

Saadhe-Satti - Mental And Emotional Stress
Saadhe-Satti – Mental And Emotional Stress

Phases Of Saadhe-Sati And Their Effects

The Moon is the mind in Vedic astrology. So your state of mind and how happy or stressed yu feel all depend on the condition of the Moon. It is how you personally react to and experience life.

Saturn is the karmic planet. He is s disciplinarian and a very strict impartial teacher. Saturn dispenses the result of your karma in a very unbiased harsh manner.

So, when Saturn transits affect the moon the native will have great emotional pressure and challenges. The rising phase is when Saturn transits the twelfth house. This will cause problems with self-worth and self-identity. A sudden lack of support, protection and nourishment in the environment and in life generally. It causes stress or breakup of relationships as well as family problems.

Saadhe-Satti - Expectations Vs Reality
Saadhe-Satti – Expectations Vs Reality

The peak phase of Saadhe-Sati when Saturn is over the first house of the Moon chart is the most challenging. The first house is the house of self. From here Saturn aspects the tenth house. So, it primarily affects the health of the native and also creates problems on the work front. Coupled with the family problems that started in the first phase, the added pressure of health and career issues takes a very heavy toll on the person physically as well as emotionally. Saturn weighs the min down with excessive duty and responsibility.
Depression and social isolation are common during the peak phase. One feels demotivated and lazy.

Look Out - Problems Ahead!
Look Out – Problems Ahead!

The third or setting phase of the Saadhe-Satti is the transit of Saturn over the second house from the Moon. This will directly decrease income and cause financial loss. One can either let this period cause fear or use it to learn to manage finances better and be economical.

Learning To Be Economical
Learning To Be Economical

Positives And Negatives Of Saadhe-Satti

Hard work Vs Luck

Saadhe-Satti causes deep emotional stress and withdrawal of the support structure that a person generally relies on. This includes the partner, family, money and career. When a person is deprived of all these factors, they learn to become emotionally self-sufficient and mature. Since Saturn likes discipline and structure, the person learns to stop depending on the luck factor in life and to have self-discipline.

A person learns through their Saadhe-Satti that luck is not enough in life and that one must have self-generated positive attitude, perseverance, dedication and hard work to succeed.

Reality Check

When one has a happy go lucky attitude with expectations of family, money and career supporting one happily ever after, Saturn gives a reality check. One gets disappointed due to one’s overly high expectations and learns to face things as they are. Saturn forces one to stop relying on the external factors and to start looking inward and becoming self-reliant.

Saadhe-Sati Makes One Face Reality
Saadhe-Sati Makes One Face Reality

Patience And Stamina

Saturn is also the bringer of hurdles and delays. So, when one faces continuous delays and disappointments during the Saadhe-Satti one learns to become more patient. When faced with one hurdle and disappointment after the next one has to dig deep for the will to carry on. This is when one learns the depth of one’s own inner strength and fortitude.