Match Your Kundali

The story of Raghav

If there is one thing that can quite easily be understood about humanity, it is this. We love having certainty in our lives. Whether it is our timely salary, our marriage, our love life, our career, our proclivities and our purchases, certainly gives us a feeling of intoxication. A feeling that we have access to complete control. As a result, many individuals tend to stick to astrology. These individuals are held together by a core belief that everything that they do can be done, only if they follow a certain path.

There is an immense sense of fallacy in believing this line of thought. If anyone, it was Raghav’s story that made us aware of that.

Raghav was a not so simple businessman. Not so simple because from the day he was born, his conservative, yet extremely spiritual family imbued all the teaching about fate and gods in him. Observing this family background, you might ask a simple question: How is he unique? Well, the answer to that can be summarised in one simple term:

An over-believer and an addict. 

Since Raghav was 10, he was enamoured with the horoscopes. Every day, he used to pick up a specific page of the newspaper just to read about all the zodiac signs. When he was reading into them, it was as if nothing else was present there for him. Every ounce of his every surrounding became obsolete. There was nothing anybody could say to him to deter him from his reading.

At one point in his life, he trained himself how to analyse his nakshatras, his threads of fates, his weaves of destiny. As a result, he got more and more enamoured with the entire concept of Jyotish. There was light in him, and there was an unseen knowledge. However, he wanted to access it all, and he wanted to access it all soon.

As days went by, one day, he analysed himself at an astrological site online and chose the first job that was suggested to him, a salesman. He took this job fast. There was surely an interview for it, but he chose his way too quickly. And that is when it began, he thought if he followed every rule from the book, he would garner favour from the gods.

From that day forward, it was astrology analysis for him every morning of the day. He understood what was written there, followed all the rules that were mentioned. This went by for years, and then it arrived, the day when he can be promoted. 

Again, he followed through everything that was specified within the context of his astrological analysis, every single thing. However, in his over accentuation and over-addiction to astrology, he failed to do one thing, that he was supposed to do. It was his job, and he somehow ignored the most important aspects of it. He stayed away from his karma.

In Jyotish terms, he was following the rules, but he failed to act on them. As a result of it, his karma suffered, and there was no promotion for him.

From that day forward, he was disillusioned from his seemingly un-shakable belief on Astrology. He still sees the horoscopes from time to time, but he defers from everything else.

He believed that astrology could push him forward, but he forgot one basic concept about Jothishi, there is always the Karma in play.

Our website believes in this very fact to the bone. What is astrology is supposed to do is to connect with your spirituality and ergo to teach you a way to discover yourself. However, it does not interfere with the regular goings-on of life. But why? 

The reason is simple, the act of karma is your own, it is your act to act upon and your life to be lived. Astrology is not about giving you a road-map; it is about giving you some suggestions.

So, what is astrology, and what it isn’t?

The dictionary definition of astrology is simple, to study the cosmic movements and try to surmise its effects on our personal lives. It is not so different from the effects of the moon on the oceans of the earth, other than the fact that astrology is on a much grander scale and its impact is a lot more subtle. However, when we consider what it is and what it isn’t, its meaning becomes a lot more spiritual than intended:

What Astrology is?

In one line, what is astrology is quite simple; it is a way to discover yourself

It is a way for you to understand your personality. It is a way for you to understand the characteristics of people who are born under different stars. The understanding of such characteristics enables us to adapt to the strengths of our surroundings. As a result, you can avoid conflicts, negate the negative energy and create positive relationships. It is a way to create compatibility between different characteristics while ensuring their uniqueness is maintained. 

It is a way to peer into the future. Our actions have a direct reaction upon the cosmos. The cosmos exists beyond space and time. Therefore, your actions now can create a future, and astrology allows you to peer into it. It shows us the energies that lie ahead and teaches us about the best time to take action to either fight it or embrace it. With more indication about the future, the better decisions you can make. 

It shows us whom we are compatible with. When you are looking for companionship, we need to understand compatibility. Other than the normal questions and answers, there are some that exist in the astral plane. These can be indicative of how compatible we can be with our other halves. 

These are the three benefits or should we say mantras of astrology. However, there is also something that astrology is not.

What astrology is not

It is not a road map. It does not show you the absolute road that you need to follow through. It does not promote complete dedication to it. 

It is not something that needs to be seen. Astrology is spiritual knowledge. You read into it once, and it shall stay with you for the rest of your lives.  

It is not something that separates people from each other. While it shows us the compatibility and its very nature is to predict what is to come. It does something that separates us from each other. Many times, individuals tend to get paranoid about astrology, and if there has been a sign of incompatibility in their lives, they tend to throw the relationship away. It is the wrong thing to do. It does not separate people.

It is not something that people should be addicted to. Much like the simple and seemingly innocuous story of Raghav, there are many out there that can get addicted to it just as easily as them. 

The bottom line of it all is, Astrology is an eye of spirituality to look into the cosmos, but it is not the way to get lost into it. 

The reason that it is important to understand the definite spiritual answers to Astrology is this- We live in a millennial world where several among you are gravitating towards astrology. While it can, and it does have almost all the answers, this is not the way that one should move on with lives. There is your karma too, that should be unencumbered by astrological suggestions. 

This is what you can expect from While you are going to obtain all the answers, you are looking for, and our intention is not to hand you a road map. But rather, to stay with you along with the path of spirituality.

This brings us into a new facet about Jothishi and problem-solving.