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The Influence of Planets on Diseases

Medical Astrology Prediction

Prediction of human life and terrestrial events follows a detailed study of numerous astrological aspects. These aspects primarily depend on the position and the movements of planets and other celestial bodies. The Zodiac signs, the influence of stars, planetary conjunctions and their angles and other critical factors form the basis of astrology for future predictions. Hence, on similar lines, these astrological factors also play a prominent role in deciding the health conditions of individuals.

In fact, there is a separate branch of astrology, medical astrology, that predicts and associates various body parts and their diseases under the influence of celestial objects and twelve astrological signs. And, every astrological sign (the Zodiac sign) represents a specific body part or a group of body parts. Let’s get down for a deeper study of the influence of planets and heavenly bodies on diseases and health affairs.

Medical Astrology

Medical astrology studies in detail the malefic effects of planets on human health and helps to diagnose disease from Sun (Zodiac) signs, astrological houses and planets. The onset of ill-health can be easily predicted through Vedic astrology horoscope, in the medical astrology division. Bad planets influence bad houses and cause severe health issues and serious diseases. You can also predict death through medical astrology.

There are certain indications to know the possibility of a disease. These include:

  • If a planet receives a bad aspect or angle at 90 degrees or 180 degrees
  • The positioning of bad planets like Saturn, Mars, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto, Rahu and Ketu in bad houses like the 6th house for disease, the 8th house for longevity and the 12th house for death
  • If bad planets occupy the Sun signs like Virgo, Scorpio and Pisces
  • When bad planets occupy the Ascendant
Medical Astrology Prediction
Medical Astrology Prediction

Medical Astrology in Detail

Vedic medical astrology gives a crystal-clear picture and a complete perspective of all the planets and their relation to various diseases. Different planetary conditions produce different diseases and the degree of their seriousness. The combinations also give a picture of how long the disease is likely to stay and whether it will be fatal. Different types of sickness and a particular sickness in different forms appear through different planetary afflictions. This is also dependent on the various Zodiac signs and planets in various houses in the horoscope.

Robust health is dependent on the Lagna and its lord, where both have to be strong. It also required the lord of the 6th house to be weak. For instance, the Sun is a potent source of abundant energy and overall health. It gives sensational health benefits only if free from malefic effects of Saturn or Rahu.

Often, the 6th, 8th and the 12th houses are Dushthanas and, the malefic aspects in these houses are detrimental to one’s health. You can arrive at an accurate prediction by studying the planet in the 6th house from Lagna and the Moon with the lord of the 6th house. This combination gives a clue about the particular disease and the part of the body it affects.

Other houses too can cause serious diseases when they are afflicted and feature planets with bad afflictions. Under such cases, the native suffers from specific diseases by those houses & signs that govern. Diseases occur during dasa bhukti of the afflicting planet and during its transit to an unfavourable position.

Houses and Sun Signs that Invite Various Diseases

To begin with, it’s vital to know what parts of the body catch which disease because of a particular house and sign. These are basic indications of existing or upcoming health issues and diseases you need to pay attention to:

First House/Aries: Head, brain & blood vessels, face & facial bones and complexion

Second House/Taurus: Affects the eyes, teeth, throat, neck, nerve connections and cerebellum

Third House/Gemini: Causes problems to ears, shoulders, collar bones, hands lungs and breath

Fourth House/Cancer: Causes health issues in chest, breasts, ribs, stomach and digestive system

Fifth House/Leo: Experience health issues in heart, mind and spinal cord

Sixth House/Virgo: General health issues, affects kidneys, stomach, bowels, intestine and abdomen

Seventh House/Libra: Affects waist, navel, lumbar region and skin

Eight House/Scorpio: UTIs & sexual problems, affects pelvic bones, bladder and anus

Ninth House/Saggitarius: Causes problems in hips, nerves and thighs

Tenth House/Capricorn: Health problems arise in knees, hams, joints and bones

Eleventh House/Aquarius: Health issues affect the legs, blood circulation problems and ankles

Twelfth House/Pisces: Targets the lymphatic system, feet, toes and may cause death

The 12 houses of Astrology
The 12 houses of Astrology

Diseases of Various Body Parts in Relation to Planets

Medical astrology claims that all the planets showcase a particular body part or a group of parts. The Dasha and the unfavourable transit of planet results in health issues in that part of the body the planet represents. Here they are:


Sun is viewed as the karaka of bones. It manages the stomach, eyes, heart, skin, head and joints. During the Dasha of Sun, the individual experiences the ill-effects of issues in body parts of those the Sun identifies. A weak Sun gives health issues in those body parts it rules. The native can also experience a relapse of past sicknesses during the Dasha and antardasha of Sun.


Moon is the karaka of brain and heart. It rules the heart, lungs, left eye, breasts and mind. It also governs blood, body-liquids, intestinal, renal and lymphatic duct. The Moon under affliction can cause restlessness, absence of insight, asthma, and blood-related issues. Diabetes, menstruation, lung issue, are additionally health problems because of feeble Moon.


Blood, marrow, vitality, neck, veins, genital parts, red platelets, anal, female sexual organs and body vitality levels. These body parts come under the rulership of Mars. Beset Mars give issues identifiable with the karaka components. Aside from these, mental disorders, wounds, agonizing eyes, blood coagulating, females genital issues, feeble bones, tumour, heaps, knee issues and others likewise experience ill-health because of powerless Mars.


Mercury is the karaka of the chest, sensory system, nerve bladder, nerves, skin, navel, tongue, arms, nose, lungs, face and hair. A bad Mercury gives issues that are identifiable with its karaka components. It likewise gives issues like muscle problems. Because of a beset Mercury, the native may experience the ill-effects of typhoid, madness, loss of motion, seizure, ulcers, cholera, and other relatable diseases.


Jupiter rules thighs, fat, mind, liver, tongue, memory, spleen, kidneys, lungs and ears. Wrong placement of Jupiter in the horoscope gives health issues its karaka components identify with. A powerless Jupiter can also give infections in the ear, diabetes, tongue problems, memory issues and pancreas.


Venus governs the face, eyes, genital parts, urine, semen, lustre and throat. The local will have to experience the ill-effects of similar ailments during Venus Dasha and antardasha. Venus also gives eye issues and genital diseases, illnesses of the throat, impotence and gonorrhoea. Blood loss, and is also an issue because of frail Venus.


Saturn is the karaka of legs, joints bones, knees, meat, muscles, organs, teeth, skin and hair. Weak Saturn in the horoscope gives health problems like physical & muscle weakness, stomach issues, organ damage and skin diseases. It can further cause joints pain, visual impairment, mental concerns and paralysis.


Afflicted Rahu gives health problems in relation to breathing, lungs, ulcer, legs and other similar issues. it also causes cataract, blisters, speech issues like stammering, spleen problems and more. Cancer is a deadly disease also caused due to Rahu.


Ketu governs the stomach area and paws. It also causes illnesses in the lungs, causes fever and more. Worms in the digestive system, ear issues, eye issue, stomach disorders and physical weakness are all the health issues coming under the influence of Ketu. Ketu also gives strange illnesses whose underlying causes are not easily identifiable.

Astrological Houses and their importance
Astrological Houses and their importance

Houses to Cure Diseases

As there are houses like the 6th, 8th and the 12th houses that cause the onset of diseases, similarly there are houses for curing them too. These are:

First House: This is the house of the ascendant and is very important regarding the overall health condition of the native. This house signifies physical strength, good stature, vigour and vitality. When the nakshatras and conjunctions encourage a favourable placement of the ascendant cusp lord and the ascendant lord, the native enjoys good health.

Fifth House: This house is famous for curing or the absence of sickness. This is because it’s the 12th house in relation to the 6th house that causes diseases and sickness. The 5th house nullifies the bad effects of the 6th house. Hence, during such times, the heath of the native cures and improves.

Eleventh House: Planets in relation to the 11th house cure diseases since its the 6th house in relation to the 6th house. Diseases will not cure if there is no planet in the eleventh house. It also will not cure if there is no planet in the constellation of the occupant of the 11th house. Horoscopes of sick individuals revel that the 11th house is not strong.

12 Houses with Zodiac Symbols
12 Houses with Zodiac Symbols

The Takeaway

This article throws light on the deep connection diseases of the body and the planets share. Individuals affected by any persistent health issues should perform astrological remedies under the guidance of an expert astrologer.