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Purva Phalguni – first reddish one

Image of Purva Phalguni

What is Nakshatra?

In Vedic astrology, nakshatras are lunar constellations, which manifest their expressions directly on individual lives. In this astrology, it is said that the moon changes its houses or signs every 2.3 days. It takes 28 days for moving through all the zodiac signs between the periods of waxing (bright half-moon) and waning (dark half-moon).

It is said that the moon is directly related to the natural emotions, intuition and intelligence in human beings. The 27-28 nakshatras are responsible for the ever-changing emotions and feelings, which are solely based on the position of the moon.

Purva Phalguni Nakshatra

Purva Phalguni
TPurva Phalguni
  • The 11th Nakshatra as per Hindu astrology. The nakshatra is of Leo sign and ranges from degrees 13:20 – 26:40. The ruling planet of this Nakshatra is Venus, and the ruling element is Regulus.
  • The Nakshatra is translated as ‘a fig tree’ or ‘the former red one’. The symbol of the Nakshatra is a swinging hammock, the front legs of a bed or a post. Rest and restoration are what is depicted from the symbolism.
  • The presiding deity of the Purva Phalguni Nakshatra is Bhaga – the God of prosperity and good fortune. Again in some places, it is mentioned that Aryaman is the presiding deity of the Nakshatra. Aryaman is the God of union and contracts, honour, nobility and society.
  • The ‘gana’ is Manushya gana. People in this nakshatra are often generous, attractive, well-mannered and lucky in relationships.

Positive characteristics

Purva Phalguni front Legs of Bed
Purva Phalguni
  • As per Vedic astrological beliefs, people belonging to the Purva Phalguni come with a strong aesthetic side, making them fond of fine arts, music and other art and literature forms.
  • People in this Nakshatra try pursuing these interests in spite of hindrances. They are intellectually inclined, and loyalty and honesty can be seen in their personality traits commonly.
  • They are affectionate and loving and thus have an amicable and cordial relationship with family as well as friends.
  • Charming and sincere, exuberant and youthful and can make excellent relationships. The compassionate and empathetic nature of these people is highly noted.
  • These traits make them endearing to a large number of people. They are peace-loving people and maintain distance from disputes and quarrels.
  • People are inclined towards tidiness and cleanliness. They are not highly sensitive about cleanliness but love decorating their home and surroundings.
  • They speak well and are naturally attractive and hence can attract the opposite sex easily.
  • These people are, and they are faithful to people and ideas in whom they believe. They are active with leadership skills and have a carefree attitude.

Negative characteristics

Purva Phalguni Hammock
Purva Phalguni Nakshatra -Hammock
  • People are full of vanity and pride. Because of this, they have arrogance, which is not liked by people.
  • These people have an impulsive mind and promiscuous nature. They are also labelled as severe, narcissists and reckless.
  • They are indulgent and spend carelessly. This might lead to the creation of debts.
  • They are extremely rigid and stubborn and are highly focused on what they want. In case they cannot get or fulfil what they want, they become depressed and heart broken. They are not able to fulfil what they want as they are not motivated properly and lack planning. They also need proper stimulation for the work that is to be done.

Career options for Purva Phalguni Nakshatra people

Purva Phalguni Career
Career Purva Phalguni

There are many professions and career options in which people can make a great mark.

Some of these include a career in photography, government service, modelling, music, acting, business management, wellness and lifestyle, radio and television, retail sales etc.

These people will also make excellent professors, teachers, politicians, marital and sex therapists, wedding planners etc. Many people belonging to this Nakshatra have made a prominent place in the arena of cinema, theatre and classical music.

Study areas like research, criminal psychology and administrative studies are a favourite with people belonging to this Nakshatra.

Personality characteristics and traits

There is a slight difference in the male and female personality characteristics.

  • The men who belong to this Nakshatra love their freedom and independence. Though these men can be labelled as achievers in their life, they are not at peace mentally, and their minds are disturbed.
  • They are soft-spoken people and are quite sympathetic to other people’s problems. They love travelling.
  • However, males belonging to this Nakshatra cannot tolerate any bossing and dominance. Their sincerity and sense of morality are amazing.
  • They are a bit fickle minded when it comes to jobs and is prone to changing them frequently. However, they love position and authority over money any day.
  • Women of this Nakshatra are highly attractive and good looking. However, they are good natured and polite.
  • They are drawn to aesthetic things, arts, music, literature etc. They also love indulging in religious activities and charities.
  • Family oriented and will follow all duties for the same. However, their pride and arrogance are the traits they should try and overcome.