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Is Paap Kartari Dosh a Karma? Lets Analyse

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You often suffer losses in life. It could be personal or financial. Actually, these could be effects of the positions of two major planetary groups in Indian Astrology. That is, the malefic and the benefic. This yoga can be malefic. Therefore, it minuses the goodness of other positive planets. There are three types of yoga under Paap kartari dosh. But not all effects are negative. Firstly, we need to understand more about the characteristics. A deeper analysis of its varied positions can help us know its effects better.

The benefic planets in our horscope support our sucess
Benefic planets in our chart

Paap Kartari literally means ‘ sins cutting’. Thus, the dosha prevents your happiness in this birth as a ‘give back’ for your past sins. Your good and bad karmas are reflected by this dosha. In fact, it is the direct effect of your past life’s sins in your present life. However, paap kartari dosh is a common yoga and may be found in many horoscopes.

Understanding Paap Kartari Dosh Better

Kartari Doshas are not always bad. This yoga can show good results as well as negative. You need not fear its consequences. However, understanding the type of paap kartari dosh is important. Normally, there are three doshas in this type:

  • Shubh Kartari Yoga
  • Mixed Kartari Yoga
  • Paap Kartari Yoga

Know more about Kartari Effects

Shubh Kartari Yoga is positive. Let us know how this can become positive. The benefic planets are Jupiter, Venus, Mercury and the waxing Moon. You have Shubh Yoga when they position as a pair in your chart. Thus, you benefit from their exalted position. This yoga is a good influence. Unlike paap kartari dosh, it brings happiness and success in your life. Moreover, it can enrich the character of the planet in the house. People believe that shubh kartari yoga can raise you to top status. However, that may not be true altogether. This yoga can simply add value to the host planet. As a result, the good effect of the planet is more prominent in your life.

Paap kartari dosha is a relection of the past birth's sins. It folllows the rule of hindu karma yoga.
Paap Kartari Dosh – A Karma Effect!

Mixed Kartari Yoga is yet another type of kartari dosha. It is slightly different from paap kartari dosh. Firstly, this dosha is a combination of malefic and benefic planets. It occurs when a malefic and a benefic planet pair in a house. Hence it can give you mixed results. You can expect both positive as well as negative effects. Nevertheless, we need to know that this yoga is also important. And, it had to be treated accordingly.

Does Paap Kartari Delay Marriages?

Unfortunately, paap kartari dosh has the capacity to delay marriage. This dosha is found in almost 60% of people with late marriage. And it can be a source of depression and failures. Even in the case of a love relationship, this dosh may lead to an unforeseen break in the alliance. Now this affected person usually chooses to remain unmarried. A result of this dosh can be a lonely life.

Finally, let’s know the paap kartari dosh. Now, this dosha is quite harmful. It can cut the good effects of benefic planets. You need to be aware of this dosha in your horoscope. It is considered a result of your karmas. Generally, it happens to people with evil nature in previous births. Furthermore, you need to know the paap kartari dosh remedies. That is the best way to manage its ill effects. So, how do you find the sin you committed? Quite simple! The hemmed planet reveals your past! It can show the deeds of your previous birth. Therefore, your good and bad karma bring you the final verdict in your next life.

Deal with Paap Kartari Dosh

Despite the cutting nature of this dosha, it can also be reduced in some horoscopes. The placements in some houses may even push you to a top position. It does not completely negate the good, but only curbs it. So, a strong benefic planet can rule this dosha. The goodness of a planet can still be there, though in lower strength.

In general, the planets are linked to your karma. They are simply a karma effect in your life. Although paap kartari dosh is a weak factor in your chart, it does not altogether end your success. Many famous people are affected by this dosha as well. And they have changed their lives to successful levels. Therefore, you need not fear this yoga, but just learn to deal with it effectively!

Paap Kartari Dosh is a result of sins of the past birth
Analysis of your past sins – Paap Kartari Dosh