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Dur Graha Yoga – A Strength or Weakness?

Dur graha yoga is perhaps a yog that has conflicting opinion among astrologers. Favourable places of planets can be the key to the presence of a fortune or ill luck. In fact, this yoga can place you in an exalted state in life or make you an unethical personality! You could be successful in your career and finance with a well-formed dur graha yoga. However, as Vedic astrology strongly upholds karma and its effects, past deeds may decide the way dur yog affects you. Let us further recognise this yoga with its strengths and weakness.

The importance of each house in our life os based on teh planets postions in the  twelve houses.
Twelve houses in a Chart

Negatives of Dur Yoga

This type of yog may give us good or ill experiences. For instance, Dur graha yoga forms when the lord of the tenth house resides in the sixth, eight or tenth house from the first house or ascendant of the horoscope. According to Vedic astrology, this kind of planetary positions is a misfortunate. And a person with this birth chart may not have a successful career. That is, certain astrologers consider this type of yoga a bad influence on a person. You may face difficulties in your profession. Most importantly, you may not have a stable career and depend on physical labour to earn a living.

Dur graha can have a negative luck and affect our profession and reputation
Gur graha can affect you in your professional life

Dur graha yogas may be connected with more unfavourable or ill results. For example, a person with this yoga may have an evil trait to his or her nature. Illegal activities draw them. They may normally be involved in immoral deeds. These people live in shame and disrespect. In fact, they may resort to harming someone for material gains. It is not a surprise to find smugglers, arms dealers or terrorists under the influence of this yoga!

Positive Yoga

Dur graha yoga is quite common in horoscopes. Actually it is present in every fourth birth chart. An intriguing fact! However, every fourth person we know or meet cannot be evil. Hence, dur graha yoga is not altogether evil. That is, Hindu astrology is more of a reflection of our karmas. We may experience a good dur yoga too, with the effects of positive karma. Similarly, the ill effect may be due to past evil karmas. Therefore, we could greatly benefit from dur yoga under such conditions.

To explain further, you could have the fortune to be a stable and respected professional with dur yoga. For instance, when the lord of the tenth house, Mars, lands in the sixth place, then a benefic Mars can show positives in our life. You will have the potential of stable career. You could be a respected doctor, army officer, lawyer or police officer.

dur graha yog can be a result of our bad  or good deeds
Dur graha yog and Karma

Yet another fascinating effect can be the placement of Mars as lord of the tenth house in the eight place of your chart. Such a position can make you an astrologer, surgeon, judge or even a psychic medium. Thus, the position of the tenth house lord is not the only factor forming dur yogas, but various other significant influences present in the chart.

How can Dur Graha Yoga Affect You?

Most of us consider dur yoga as inauspicious. As we know, the tenth house is the home of good professional, reputation and fame, this yoga may affect all of these aspects. You may not have a stable career due to its influence. Furthermore, you would experience financial issues or lack of income since you do not have a profession. Therefore, you loose hope and may opt for menial labour. In some people, it may lead to a deformed character. That is, they may lack moral values and get attracted to unethical deeds. Thus, they are disregarded in society or develop a bad reputation or fame.

Why does this evil occur? The possibility of an ill favour is due to the fact that the sixth, eight and twelfth houses are considered as evil places for the lord of the tenth house. Hence, when these planets are housed there, they are clouded by malefic effects.

Karma and Dur Graha Yoga

Our karma is a result of the good and evil deeds of past life
Good and Evil

According to Hindu astrology, karma is the one vital cause of all our positive as well as negative results. Our past is reflected in our birth charts. And, we may never escape the effects of our deeds. In other words, although we may not posses the means to negate dur graha yogas, we could deal with it better by knowing its causes and outcomes.