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Conditional Dasa Systems

Vimshottari Dasa Wheel
Vimshottari Dasa Wheel
Vimshottari Dasa Wheel

Dasa, as you know, is the period of time when one planet remains on a particular bhava(house)  for a particular amount of time. The planet which was dominant at the time of a child’s birth is of immense importance. While Maharishi Parashar has mentioned about 66 different Dashas while Jaimini suggested about 44 Dasa. But the one which is most predominant is Vimshottari Dasha. In fact, an astrologer must use more than one Dasa to get the best astrological results. Let’s study these Dasa systems. 

Using Dasa Systems 

Dasa systems came into existence so that when reading horoscopes one must take into account all favorable parametres and transits. If you see a particular situation, like loss of life or wealth or health from only Vimshottari perspective then you will fail more often than not. Therefore, Maharishi Parashara suggested the use of different Dasa systems to study particular conditions and circumstances in life. For example, Kaal Chakra or Niryana Shoola Dasha is used for predicting mishappenings, sickness or death, etc. Similarly, Chatursheeti Sama Dasha is used for reading the horoscope of a person whose 10th lord is in the 10th house. While you use Shasti Hayani Dasha when Sun is in lagna. Some of these Dasas are Rashi based and some are nakshatra based.  

Commonly Used Conditional Dasa 

Vimshottari And Ashtottari Horoscope
Vimshottari And Ashtottari Horoscope
  1. Vimshottari: This is the most popular Dasa and applicable to all. The Dasa starts with the exact position of Chandra in its Nakshatra. The Dasa period of each planet sums up to 120 years.
  2.  Ashtottari: Here, Rahu occupies a Kendra or Trikona instead of a Lagna. When Rahu occupies Kendra from Lagnesha Ardradi Ashtottari Dasa takes place, similarly, when Rahu occupies Kona from Lagnesha, Krttikadi Ashtottari Dasa happens. 
  3. Shodashottari: If the birth occurs during the day time in Krsna Paksha, or at night time in Shukla Paksha, or Lagna rises in moon’s Hora in Krsna Paksha, or, sun’s Hora in Shukla Paksha. 
  4. Dvadashottari: If Lagna is in Venusian Amsa. Amsa can be of many types like Navamsa. 
  5. Panchottari Dasa – If Lagna has Cancer in D1 and Cancer is rising in the D12 divisional chart as well.
  6. Sataabdika Dasa – If Lagna is Virgottam. Meaning the same sign rising in the ascendant and the Navamsa.
  7. Chaturseeti Sama Dasa- When 10th lord is in the 10th house.
  8. Dwi-Saptati Sama Dasa – Applicable when Lagna lord is in the 7th house OR 7th lord is in the Lagna. Each planet’s duration is 9y.
  9. Shastihayani Dasa:  If Sun is in the Lagna. The Dasas of Guru, Surya and Mangal are of 10 years. The remaining Grahas have Dashas of 6 years each.
  10. Shat-Trimsa Sama Dasa – When birth is daytime in Sun’s Hora or at night time in Moon’s Hora. Hora is the hour lord or the planet that rules the hour of birth.
  11. Chakra Dasa: Commences from Lagna Rasi, and each continues for 10 years. 
  12. Kalachakra Dasa: It is extremely essential for timing events like misfortunes, serious health hazards, and death. 
  13. Chara Dasa: It is fixed by counting each Rasi from to its lord. 
  14. Sthira Dasa: This Rasi Dasa is useful in timing ill health, dangers to life and death. Besides, the Dasa span is 7, 8 or 9 years for Chara, Sthira and Dvisvabhava Rasis respectively. 
Shasti Hyani Dasa
Shasti Hyani Dasa

More Dasa From Brihat Parasara Hora Shastra

  1. Yogardha Dasa: The span of a Dasa is the average of Chara and Sthira Dasas. 
  2. Lagna Kendradi Dasa: This Rasii Dasa system commences from the stronger of the Lagna or the Saptama Rasi. 
  3. Karaka Kendradi Dasa: When the Kendradi Dasa starts from the Atmakaraka, it is called Karaka Kendradi Rasi Dasa. It commences from the stronger of the Lagna or the Saptama Rasi from the Atmakaraka. 
  4. Karaka Dasa: It is a Karaka Graha dasa system. It commences from the Atmakaraka.
  5. Manduka Dasa: It is useful for timing strife, conflicts, dangers to life and death. 
  6. Shula Dasa: If Rasi falls in the 2nd or 8th house. Death can be determined through this Dasa. 
  7. Trikona Dasa: It is similar to the Chara Dasa. 
  8. Drgdasa: This Rasi Dasa you can time spiritual attainments. 
  9. Lagnadi Rasi Dasa: The span of Janma Nakshatra is calculated through this.
  10.  Pinda/ Pindayu Dasa:  Also referred to as Moola Dasa. Either Sun or Moon is the stronger Lagna.

Some More

Navamsa Birth Chart
Navamsa Birth Chart
  1. Amsa/ Amsayu Dasa: Calculates the span of each planet.
  2. Nisarga/ Nisargayu Dasa: In this Dasa, the order of planets are Chandra, Mangal, Budha, Shukra, Guru, Surya, Shani, and the Lagna. 
  3. Ashtakavarga Dasa: It is also an Ayur dasa.
  4. Sandhya Dasa: The span of each Sandhya Dasa is 10 years and begins from Lagna Rasi.
  5. Pachak Dasa: It is a component of Sandhya Dasa.
  6. Tara Dasa: It is similar to Vimshottari Dasa.