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Best Ways of Boosting Positive Energy in The House

Your house does not contain just living spaces. It also contains many cosmic energies that affect your life. Vaastu Shastra provides ways for you to balance these energies in their proportion, to increase the flow of positive energy in the House.

How to Bring Positive Energy Into Your House

Your living environment is filled with different types of natural forces. These include heat, light, and air. You can easily manage the flow of these energies into your house by placing windows and doors in the right directions.

Moreover, there are other energies like magnetism, radiation, etc. Vastu Shastra rules of room layout also aim to balance these energies. By doing all these, you can attract positive energy into your home.

Vastu Shastra directions and elements
Vastu Shastra Directions And Elements

The Three Types of Vastu Energies

Vastu Shatra classifies the different energies in your house into three basic types:

  • Cosmic
  • Earth
  • Structural

There are a few basic rules for keeping these energies in the right proportion, to receive positive energy into your house:

  • The Central region of a house is very special in Vastu Shastra, it is called the Brahmasthan. This space was left open to the elements in old houses, to connect with Akasha or the sky
    • If you do not like the idea of an open courtyard in the centre of your house, make this a living room which is entirely free of clutter
    • The centre of this room should have an empty space of at least 1.5 meters. Keep nothing here, no furniture, no pillar, not even a coffee table
    • You can arrange your furniture around this region but keep this minimal. This space should allow an easy flow of energies.
    • If you do this, it balances Space or Cosmic energy
    • You can balance Earth energy if you use the Northeast corner properly
      • Have a puja room here
      • Add a water fountain in this region, or place a fish tank or aquarium here, these represent moving water bodies like streams or rivers
      • Most important, water bodies like fountains and aquarium should be well maintained to invite positive energy
  • Structural energy is easy to take care of. You can balance it by simply keeping your house tidy and clean, keep it free of mess and clutter

Simple Rules in Construction and Decor

Follow the basic Vastu rules while constructing your house, to boost positive energy in the house

Living room with wall portraits to bring in positive energy
Living room based on vastu shastra

Entrance and Living Room Vastu

  • Remember, the entrance should be in the East, North, or Northeast. Further, there should not be any obstruction in front of the entrance like a tree or a pillar
  • No shadow should fall on the entrance. Make sure the entrance is always well-lit to attract positive energy into your home
  • The front doors should be constructed out of the best type of wood. It should have a special design and it should also be taller than all the other doors in the house.
  • The front door should open inwards to let in and retain positive energy. A door that opens outwards pushes out good energy. Further, never paint the front door in black colour
  • As far as possible, makes sure that doors open clockwise
  • If you need a mirror in the living room, place it on the North wall
  • Do not construct a bathroom near the entrance. Also, do not place the dustbin or shoe-rack right outside the door
  • The ideal direction for the living room is East, Northeast, or North. If these are not possible, Northwest is another good direction. Other regions are not auspicious for a living room
  • Arrange heavy furniture in the southwest or west regions of the living room. Further, install all electrical and electronic equipment and gadgets in the Southeast direction. These will help enhance positive energy in the house

Bedroom Vastu

  • The master bedroom should always be in the Southwest. Other bedrooms like children’s bedrooms or guest bedroom can be in the Northwest or Western directions
  • Bedrooms in the Southeast or Northeast can cause disagreements among couples or cause health problems
  • Always sleep with your head in the South or East. Never keep your head in the North. This is because your head is your body’s North-Pole, and like poles repel
  • Do not keep mirrors in front of the bed. If there are mirrors or computer monitors in the bedroom, cover these reflective surfaces when you sleep
  • Paint the walls of the bedroom in neutral colours or in earth shades to create a calm and peaceful atmosphere

Puja Room Vastu and Brahmasthan

  • The North-East direction is very auspicious, it is the sun’s position during the Brahma Muhurta hours or Pre-Dawn. This direction is therefore ideal for your Pooja Room or Meditation room
  • You can also have your Pooja Room in the East. Make sure you face East while doing puja or while meditating to welcome and retain positive energy in the house
  • Paint the Puja room in white, green, beige, or light yellow colours
  • As mentioned before, the central region of your home is the Brahmasthan. So there should be tidy, clean, uncluttered space of at least 1.5 meters in the centre.

The Kitchen

  • You cook food in the kitchen, and food is the source of energy for life. Positive and negative energies can also affect the food we consume. Therefore, it is important that the kitchen is in the right direction
  • Southeast is the region of Agni or fire. So, your kitchen should be located here. If this is not possible, you can have your kitchen in the Northwest. 
  • To increase the positive energy in the house, there should be a window in the east part of your kitchen
  • Never construct a bathroom/toilet adjacent or exactly opposite to your kitchen
  • The gas stove should be in the Southeast region of your kitchen, and you should cook facing the East
Kitchen with Ample Lighting (vastu kitchen)
  • Your water storage should be perpendicular to the cooking range and gas stove, it should not be in the same area, as fire and water are opposite forces
  • Your utensil storage should be in the South or West walls of your kitchen. Keep the refrigerator in the Southeast, South, North, or West regions in your kitchen
  • Install the kitchen sink in the Northeast direction
  • The walls in the kitchen should be painted in cheerful colours like Orange, chocolate brown or yellow. Kitchen tiles should also be green, yellow or orange to bring positive energy into your home
  • Keep your electrical appliances in the southeast corner of your kitchen. However, your tins of grans, pulses, and spices should be kept in the South or West
  • Always keep your kitchen clean, neat, and well-organized

General Vastu Tips to Bring Positive Energy Into Your Home

There are some general hints to follow to ensure Vastu compliance for good energy to come into your house.

What to Avoid

  • Do not build windows or doors opposite to your front entrance. The good energies that enter through the front door will flow right out through these windows and doors
  • Similarly, to bring positive energy into your home, do not have any big trees, poles, or pillars in front of your entrance, these are obstacles to positive energy
  • Do not keep the bathroom doors open, your prosperity and good fortune will drain out through this place
  • Never throw your shoes in the living room or anywhere inside your house. Keep your shoes in shoe-racks that are placed away from your front entrance
  • Clutter in your home is not good. Have a minimal number of furniture, arrange them so that they have enough space between and around them for smooth flow of energies and air
  • Messy and untidy rooms invite negative vibes. Have adequate storage facilities like open shelves, closets, and wardrobes in your house
    • Keep your clothes in wardrobes, your gadgets and other items neatly organized on shelves, cooking utensils in kitchen shelves, provisions in cupboards, etc
    • Hang clothes in cloth hangers in wardrobes or in a corner of your bedroom
    • Likewise, keep everything organized and neat, All these enhance positive energy in the house and do not provide enough space for negative energy to stay in your home
  • Avoid split-levels on any floor
  • Do not hang pictures depicting violence or sadness in any room of your house
  • Never ignore leaking pipes and faucets, they equal drainage of wealth and good fortune. Repair them quickly
Swastik Yantra is an Important Remedy in Vastu Shastra
Swastik Yantra is an Important Remedy in Vastu Shastra

What You Should Do

  • Vastu suggests using Earth shades and rainbow colours in your home. While light shades can be the dominant colours, add some vibrant rainbow colour accents to energize your environment
  • Light lamps and incense sticks in the puja room in the morning and evening, play soothing divine music along with this. Doing all these help attract positive energy into your home every day
  • Keep a tulsi plant in your home to get rid of all negative vibes. Tulasi is a holy plant that is also a medicinal herb, It can cure many conditions like the common cold and cough
  • Artwork and paintings at home should always show positive images, be cheerful, convey hope, refresh and energize you
  • Nature trails, deep pathways, laughing children, pictures of happy domestic animals and animal companions, waterfalls – these are all good images to have around your home
  • Keep doors and windows open for some time during the dawn and dusk hours to let in the fresh air and soothing sunlight, and also to let in positive energy in the house
  • Use sea salt to regain the balance of the energies. If you and your family are currently experiencing illness, financial constraints, etc, place a bowl of sea salt in the Northeast and Southwest directions. Sea salt can absorb and get rid of negative energy

In Conclusion

Follow the above suggestions to attract positive energy into your home. Vastu Shastra is not a myth or legend, it is a set of common-sense rules. They help enhance the looks, functionality, and the energy vibes in a house.

It isn’t very difficult to follow Vastu Shastra. Just stay neat and organized and follow some rules to welcome and increase the positive energy in the house.