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Bhagya Yoga – The Lifetime Fortune We Seek

Palmistry is entwined with Astrology

Isn’t Bhagya yoga the fortune we seek in our lifetime? Most of us work hard to achieve this state. While some of us reach it, others spend enormous energy in trying to get this fortune. As the term suggests, Bhagya simply means good fortune. In other words, it is the wealth and glory we try to achieve in our life. This yoga has the force to give you wealth, properties, luxurious vehicles, and a remarkable spouse too! We focus on our ambitions just to gain the recognition and the success that follows. We may wonder, why is it that some people attain high levels of rank in life quite easily or even early, while others do not? The reason is most certainly related to their astrological chart which may or may not have the right planetary positions or otherwise Bhagya yoga.

The godess of wealth and prosperity favors thos with Mahabhagya yoga
Goddess of Wealth and Prosperity

Facts you didn’t know about Bhagya Yoga

Bhagya yoga is of two types – MahaBhagya yoga and Pushkal yoga. We consider both these yoga auspicious and lucky. Their presence offers similar effects to us. Such people tend to reach a state of financial elation very soon in life. According to ancient astrology, mahabhagya refers to great material achievements in life. Only rare horoscopes are blessed with this affluence. We may attain heights in our fields with the blessings of Bhagya yoga. In fact, many popular personalities have this yoga in their astrological chart which clearly indicates its significance.

Sun is the male planet while moon is the female planet in vedic astrology
An image of the Sun and Moon depicted as Male and Female

When the male native is born during the day time with the ascendant Sun or Moon positioned in the odd house like the Aries, Leo, Sagittarius, Libra, Gemini or Aquarius, Bhagya yoga occurs. Thus with Bhagya yoga, you will experience fortunes in life. Unlike other yoga, surprisingly, this yoga sets differently for female horoscopes. It is the opposite of the male chart! That is, the female native needs to be born at night, and the ascendant is to be placed in the even houses such as Scorpio, Taurus, Cancer, Capricorn, Virgo or Pisces.

Why are the conditions opposite in genders?

Vedic astrology follows a gender aspect in planets! The Sun represents our soul and the Moon our mind. Hence, the Sun and Moon are the most prominent planets in our navagraha, and they strongly affect our lives in many ways. The sun is the male and moon is the female in our Vedic dictates. Thus, when a male is born during day time, he is under the dominance of the male ascendant, which is the Sun. And, you may be rewarded with Bhagya yoga when the ascendant sets in the odd houses of the chart.

Vedic astrology has male and female representaions for the navagraha planets
Navagraha signs have genders too!

So, it is clearly understandable why the female conditions and positions are entirely opposite in this yoga. A female born during night time is under the strong influence of the female ascendant, namely the Moon. Thus, Bhagya yoga happens when the other planets enter the even houses which are the female signs of the Navagraha. The outcome of the Bhagya yoga is the same in both genders although the conditions vary.

Limitations in Bhagya Yoga and More…

Vedic astrology is a consequence of many factors. It does not necessarily mean that these planetary occurrence alone leads to Bhagya yoga. There is yet another vital rule that is important for this yoga: the incidence of a malefic or benefic Sun and Moon. We need to consider the positive or negative effects of their original places to forecast the Bhagya yoga. Therefore, both the Sun and Moon have to be in powerful positions in order to feel strong mahabhagya yoga.

What could be the best positions for the Sun and Moon? There can be various good places for the ascendants in a birth chart. For instance, the Sun in the Aries for a male gives a potent Bhagya yoga. However, its presence in Libra can decrease its potential. Further, in the case of females, the Moon in Taurus can lead to an exalted Bhagya yoga. While its occurrence in Scorpio can diminish its fortune.

Bhagya yoga occurs to those rare fortunate people
Bhagya Yoga is a Fortune!

Living with Bhagya Yoga

Bhagya yoga is the one blessing that has created great achievers and leaders in this world. For example, Indira Gandhi, Karl Marx, and Ramakrishna Paramahamsa are famous personalities who were born with this yoga! An exalted position of ascending planets, in the right birth time, with their complimentary placements in a birth chart, combined with benefic influence is the yoga that decide our lifetime prosperity.