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Baby Vedic Name -Devi

Vedic Baby Name Devi

Baby name: Devi

Gender: Female

Meaning: Goddess, Goddess of power

Nakshatra:  Revathi

Rashi: Meen (Pisces)

The name Devi relates to the Hindu mythological Goddess Parvati, Lord Shiva’s wife. She exercises her power to fight all evils in this world. Girls with the name Devi have two different personality traits. The other name of Devi is Uma meaning kind, compassionate, and Durga meaning, appalling to demons and wicked men. Devi has a fierce side to her. Her other name is Shakti and widely worshipped in India. Her dark side also takes the form Goddess Kali, the fearsome. 

Girls with this name have a powerful influence on those surrounding her. She is a charismatic leader. Devi values honesty, truth, discipline, justice, and sometimes rigid, impractical, and fearsome when fighting injustice. 

The Relevance in Hindu Mythology 

The idea and reverence for Durga have been mentioned in the Vedas. Parvati, Durga, and Kali still respected and adored in the modern age. The ancient Puranas witnesses a significant expansion in Hindu mythology and literature related to Devi. These include texts such as Devi Mahatmya, where she symbolizes absolute power and divine truth. The Vedas include many Goddesses like Parvati, Durga, Kali, Laxmi, Aditi, Prithvi, and many more.  


There are many beautiful stories related to Devi in Hindu mythological texts such as the Mahabharata and Puranas. The most popular one is Goddess Durga or Devi slaying the demon Mahishasur, who had the body of a male and the head of a buffalo. The story appears in the famous epic poem Candipat, a piece from the Skanda Purana. 

The Mahishasur Story

Mahishasur was powerful and wanted to conquer the world. With a battalion of demons, he started a 100-year battle with the Gods. He managed to drive most of the Gods out of heaven. It was then that Goddess Durga met Mahishasur on the battlefield and killed him.