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A proper guide on Parivartan yoga and its effects

Parivartan Yoga happens when the lords of 2 houses are exactly placed in each other houses.  In the stages, the two different planets receive a truly mutual strength. Because of mutual exchange, the energy is improved, makes these two houses more powerful and stronger. 

Hence, Parivartan Yoga is produced. For instance, in the horoscope position of a planet named Mercury in Libra as well as Venus position in Gemini is considered as Parivartan Raja Yoga between Mercury and Venus.  

In simple words, Parivartan Yoga is a strong bond between two different planets where the house and natural rulership importance of them provide a certain result.

South Indian Chart

Classification of Parivartan yoga and their effects 

There are 3 ways available to recognize this yoga as well as their effects. They are entirely based on where and how this yoga is creating:

  • Based on the natural planet’s nature 
  • Based on  the functional nature of the planets 
  • Based on the nakshatras that are otherwise called sookshama or nakshatra parivartan yoga 

Based on the functional nature of this yoga, it is divided into 3 types that include:

  • Maha Parivartan Yoga
  • Khala Parivartan Yoga
  • Daniya Parivartan Yoga

Maha Parivartan Yoga

It is a favourable yoga where the Kendra houses lords make the exchange between lords of fifth, ninth, second or eleventh houses. The following horoscope examples help you to understand the importance of this yoga.

In the horoscope of Michael Douglas, there is Parivartan Yoga available between a tenth and eleventh house, providing him global recognition.

Rajesh Khanna who is the 1st Indian superstar gets more fame among people. It is because of his horoscope has two topmost natural benefice Venus and Jupiter which are in the Parivartan Yoga.

Khala Parivartan yoga

It is created when the third lord makes the exchange with a lord of any of first, second, fourth, fifth, seventh, ninth, tenth and eleventh lord.

The best example of this yoga where excellence and wickedness are visible obviously is Evel Knievel, who is the best bike stunt performer.

Dainya parivartan yoga

It forms when the exchange happens exactly between a dushanta and an auspicious house. 

The example of this yoga is the horoscope of Joesph Stalin. It made him a ruthless and cruel leader. Also, he has other Rajyoga named Vipreet Rajyoga and Ruchaka Yoga.