Match Your Kundali

A Philosophical Take on the Functions of Astrology

Astrology, since Ancient times, has always followed various belief systems to study the effects of heavenly bodies on terrestrial life. A deeper look gives an indication every belief system has made strong claims to a relationship between astronomical phenomena and human psychology. However, astrology has always been under scrutiny facing rejection by science. Unlike astronomy, astrology doesn’t have scientific validity to support its predictions. Astronomy is a branch of natural science featuring mathematical aspects to explain the origin and evolution of the universe and the celestial objects. Astrology, on the other hand, follows the path by divination that seeks knowledge of the future through supernatural means.

An Objective Look at Astrology

Astrology is considered to be a pseudoscience. It’s a collection of beliefs and practices influenced by contradictory and exaggerated claims. These findings are not based on scientific methods though astrology has falsely presented its predictions as science. Astrology has often made falsifiable claims about the relation between the heavenly bodies and their effect on human life. It’s falsifiable because several demonstrations prove astrological results to be false by observation.

Tests have been conducted to study the feasibility of astrological predictions and falsifiable ones have been falsified. The double-blind test is a famous test by the American physicist, Shawn Carlson. It’s a method experts expect to remove all bias from an attempt to match numerous natal charts with several individual profiles. The experimental procedure agreed upon, helped astrologers arrive at a central proposition of the natal charts. It was clear that the predictions were nothing more than a chance, concluding the test to disapprove astrological theory.

Another famous test is the ‘Mars Effect’ by French psychologist Michel Gauquelin. It was an attempt to find statistical significance in the birth dates of athletes in relation to the position of Planet Mars. The results are purely statistical because of the lack of evidence to support its findings. Gauquelin statistically claimed several sports champions were born soon after the rise or the culmination of Planet Mars. His study left out certain aspects of the astrological hypothesis. The Mars Effect could be due to the reporting of birth times by parents during the early years.

There is no effectiveness with a controlled study to demonstrate in astrology. A proposed mechanism of action in predicting the effects of the movements of planets and stars on terrestrial events is also absent.

What then, is the Purpose of Astrology?

It’s a well-known fact that what is destined to happen will happen. This is also the natural law of life that involves planetary positions at birth. The karmas of past lives that ultimately guide the effects & causes beyond our will also influence it. Every moment and every action keeps adding as karma to the ongoing karmas. This is the point where astrology makes its presence to guide humans and stresses that our fate on Earth is not deterministic.

Our involvement with daily life plays a vital role in shaping our destiny and, astrology has the power to change our destiny for the present and the future. And, here is the core purpose of astrology.

The sole purpose of astrology is to provide guidance regarding taking actions in a particular situation. Prediction and forecasting were not and will never be the purpose of astrology. Remember, forecasting alone has no benefits for the individual but the guidance following those indications is beneficial. This information is highly useful to alter our way of thinking and take action to change and improve our existence.

Often in astrology, the truth can seem harsh but, has a better influence that false claims that seem promising.

Astral Omens Significance

Stars manifest the divine will and is significant in Ancient Mesopotamian collections that include celestial omens. These stars were studied by Ancient astrologers to inform the kings and emperors of future events. The events could affect an individual, the king’s family, military affairs or even the entire human race.

The celestial omens are sound indications that experts believe to be messages from the gods. The effects of unpleasant events were nullified by ritualistic means. There was a prognosticator to inform the effects of future events and provide advice to avoid the misfortunes. Thus, the omens were the foundation to take thoughtful measures and actions rather than a message to face unavoidable circumstances.

Astrology Forecast

Astrology is a famous practice and a well-known field of application always open to debate. There are several statistical surveys to predict future events but, it’s next to impossible to predict the exact timing. Always remember, timings in astrology are mere indications and the end in itself. The natal chart combines with several rules of astrology to help understand related energies and their effects on different phases of human life.

Astrology is a field to describe the consequences of any happenings instead of the experience. Different individuals perceive the same information differently and this is where astrology can provide an objective outlook for any event. However, it’s not without limitations and, there is nothing like determination but only the probability of the experience. This is the field of predictive astrology while strong experiences connect to each other with concrete events.