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What are Some Philosophical Problems of Astrology?

Astrology has an equal share of believers and naysayers. Philosophy is about knowledge, wisdom and rational choices. The questions that arise with regard to the philosophy of astrology are rather hard to answer rationally. Although it has no scientific standing astrology is a great source of support, solace and counselling to people who believe in it.

Philosophical Problems of Astrology
Philosophical Problems of Astrology


Astrology came into being when the philosophical thought process and reasoning were based on analogy. If one thing corresponded to another in a way, it was agreed that the other similar things also corresponded in the same way. Philosophy accepted the analogous theory. People attributed characteristics and qualities to each god. Planets and numbers linked to the planets took on the nature of the same qualities. The very evolution of astrology intertwines with these myths and stories that describe the nature of the zodiac, the constellations and the planets. Philosophy and the thought processes of the present time no longer subscribe to this reasoning. So, now the reasoning between these interrelationships no longer holds water.


Science has grown with newer discoveries and theories. Astrology, however, has in most cases stagnated. With many practitioners of astrology sticking firmly by the tradition of whichever school of astrology they follow, there is precious little that is new or evolving in astrology anymore. There are the few astrologers who are attempting to create a database of horoscopes and who are doing statistical and scientific research to find new insights and patterns in astrology. Sceptics argue about the lack of new findings while supporters of astrology believe that the very stagnation proves that all the theories of astrology hold good.

Astrology - Not Significantly Grown With Time
Astrology – Not Significantly Grown With Time


Science and philosophy are evolving and expanding and finding that everything in the universe is indeed interconnected. Einstein’s theory of relativity states as much. Sceptics are loath to stretch this theory of interconnection to the distant planets somehow affecting human life.

Everything Is Connected
Everything Is Connected

Fatalism And Free Will

If you subscribe to the theory that the birth chart determines the pattern of one’s life, you might want to consider if that is a fatalistic point of view. If everything is predetermined do we have to live and make decisions every day? Religious arguments find it hard to accept predetermined futures in a universe that has a supreme being. Scientists cannot find a provable cause-effect explanation for astrology. Believers in astrology, especially Vedic astrology, argue that astrology or Jyotish means light. Astrology is not a mere tool for prediction and fortune-telling. It serves to shine a light on ourselves and the world around us.

Some people believe that since a birth chart shows us our strengths and limitations, it is a useful tool for us to know which areas of our lives need more work.

Cyclic Patterns

Astrology recognises that there are cyclic patterns in life. The aim of the philosophically inclined astrologer is to identify the stage of the cycle that the person is in. By telling the person if they are in a positive or difficult time, the astrologer seeks to empower the person. When one knows that times are hard, one will naturally lie low and postpone grandiose plans for a later time. Also, knowing that bad times are also time-bound gives one the fortitude to face difficulties. One can make the most of a favourable period while it lasts.

Do Cyclic Patterns Exist
Do Cyclic Patterns Exist


The astrological chart has twelve houses that represent different areas of life. The definitions of the houses are as per the traditional descriptions. How relevant the original descriptions are to modern life is highly debatable. Modern astrologers use their common sense and update the relevance to life as it is today. But, applying ancient astrological rules to present times is still more of an art than a science.

Provable Mechanism

No mechanism has been found to prove the influence of the planets on the lives of people. A viewable and explainable mechanism proves a theory. Scientists have not proved yet that a distant planet such as Saturn can exert force or effect on Earth’s happenings.

Statistical And Scientific Proof

There have been many studies to analyse and prove the accuracy and merits of astrology. However, there has been no conclusive scientific proof. Most studies have in fact found that statistically there is little difference between the outcomes of astrology and chance. There is no scientifically provable mechanism for astrology. A few astrologers are doing research in the field but there are no publicly proven theories yet.

Astrology - Not Statistically Proven
Astrology – Not Statistically Proven