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Zodiac Signs And Their Mental Abilities

12 zodiac signs
12 zodiac signs
12 Zodiac Signs

If you are lost in the darkness and confused about your Life. And about to call yourself a hopeless loser, then you must think twice. Your mere existence is no coincidence. Besides, you have not arrived accidentally at all. Rather, your time and day of landing on the planet were predetermined by the Cosmos.  The birth period decided the course of your whole life and even your mental plus physical abilities. Your birth was an event where planets, constellations, sun, moon, and stars all came together for the celebrations. The result was your zodiac sign. And from there on, your zodiac guides your life.

Zodiac Signs And Their Mental Powers

Lets now study the mental powers that zodiacs endow you with.

1. Aries 

Aries is a fire sign and is ruled by Mars(the hot planet). Hence, you remain fiery and aggressive most of the time. Besides, you are the bravest and strongest people around and always ready to take up challenges. Spontaneous and fun-loving persona seems to infect people around you too. Your bravery inspires others to take on any challenge with a valiant heart.

 2. Taurus

Taurus is an earth sign and ruled by the planet Venus. You are famous for your positivity and reliability. You are a great friend and hold onto any relationship. Taurean are well-grounded and are practical. You fix a boundary line around yourself and do not bare someone crossing it. You have strong willpower. 

Time Period Of Each Zodiac Sign
Time Period Of Each Zodiac Sign

3. Gemini

Gemini is an air sign and Mercury rules this zodiac. The dual personality of Gemini makes you a fickle-mind. You are in two minds but that endows you with a sharp intellect. You have the right words to speak even if not prepared. The double-mindedness helps you in taking hard, logical decisions. Geminis can quickly grasp difficult concepts.  

4. Cancer

This water sign is ruled by the Moon. Like water, Cancerians are fluid enough. You adjust to any situation without a problem and have the ability to love and care. A strong gut helps to sense danger even before others feel the strong winds. 

5. Leo

Zodiacs Signs And Their Mental Abilities
Zodiacs Signs And Their Mental Abilities

Leo is a fire sign governed by the Sun. Timing is everything for you. You stick to a clock, like no one. It is one of the power signs of the zodiac. You are afraid of no one and speak your mind whenever you speak out. You possess the kindest hearts and the strongest will. Leos take into account every aspect of a situation to arrive at a logical solution. 

6. Virgo

Virgo is an earth sign falling under the guidance of Mercury and has the earth element. You can sense opportunities and threats in any situation before it is even on papers. Virgos are grounded and humble. You are a perfectionist. You take up new challenges and execute them with finesse. 

 7. Libra

Venus governs Libra, the air sign. The sign always looks for balance in everything. You know other’s intentions before they do but you are blind about yourself. You love nature and try to be in harmony with the natural processes of the earth. Your spontaneous and dynamic thinking is your strongest mental ability.

8. Scorpio

Mars and Pluto jointly rule this water sign. You are hungry for deep affection. You can decipher between who is genuinely interested to know you and who is a flirt. Scorpians has a strong intuition that does not fail you during a crisis. You can perceive anything without being told outright. You have manipulative powers.

9. Sagittarius

Jupiter controls this optimistic fire sign. You get success because of your natural optimism. You know ahead of time exactly where the opportunities are. Sagittarius looks for new things and experiences. You learn from new people and situations. The innate fun-loving persona becomes difficult to dishearten.

10. Capricorn 

The planet Saturn governs this sign with the earth’s elements. They understand the pace of life better than anyone. When it is time to grow, Capricornians start before the news arrives. You make radical changes in your life at the right time. Having a strong mind and hard will make you victorious at critical junctures. Their determination makes them difficult opponents.

11. Aquarius 

The Earth's Revolution Around Constellations
The Earth’s Revolution Around Constellations

Aquarians belong to Saturn and Uranus. This air sign can read the mind before the next person understands it. And then you use this information to get what you want from him.  You have the most generous hearts and a willingness to participate in any number of humane causes. You have a vision for the future and determination to prove.

 12. Pisces 

Pisces is a water sign that belongs to both Jupiter and Neptune. You can see the big picture. You know how to arrange all the parts of the puzzle. Pisces can have intense visions, and look into the future. You are sensitive, compassionate and emotional and put other’s needs and wishes before your own.