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The Trikonas – Sets Of Three Triads In The Birth Chart

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The horoscope of a native is the twelve houses and the planets and nodes placed in them as per their placement at the time of birth. The 12 houses each have their own significance. In addition to the description of each of the houses, they have also been classified in sets of three triads in the birth chart called the Dharma, Artha, Kama and Moksha Trikonas. Each of these groups of Trikonas or triads has a grouping of 3 houses that are all 5 houses away from each other. If you join them with a line they form a triangle/Trikona or the three triads in the birth chart.

Dharma Trikona – 1, 5 and 9

The Dharma Trikona is the most well known of the Trikonas. The first, fifth and ninth houses are the three important triads in the birth chart that together form the Dharma Trikona. They are also the Lakshmi Sthanas. They are the most fortunate houses in the chart. When auspicious planets are placed here they gain more strength. The first house is a Kendra house as well as a Trikona. These three houses show the way the soul is progressing. It shows the sense of duty, philosophy, religion, teachers, spirituality as well as moral values. They show the Karma from past lives and how they affect this life. They signify the past, present and also the future.

first, fifth and ninth houses  - Dharma Trikona - Spirituality
First, fifth and ninth houses – Dharma Trikona – Spirituality

Dharma And Bhagya

Dharma is the right duty of a person. It is what they were born to do. These three triads in the birth chart show us the potential for spiritual enlightenment that the person has in this lifetime. They show the success, good deeds and good fortune that the individual will enjoy or lack based on their past deeds and karma. 

The first house is the house of self. The fifth house tells us about the intelligence of the native, education, progeny, memory, emotions, imagination, attitude, principles and creative urge. It is the house of the past life credit that we have earned. The ninth house is the house of Dharma and Bhagya (good fortune). It also signifies father, learning, wealth, fame, religion, righteousness and our highest principles in this life. A strong 9th house shows having immense luck and good fortune. The lord of the 9th house is considered to be a benefic that is as important as the lord of the Lagna/1st house. Generally, when the ninth Lord is involved in wealth giving yogas, it indicates that the native has earned the fruits of wealth and will enjoy them in this birth. 

Lakshmi Sthanas And Vishnu Sthanas

Strong Dharma Trikona houses and their lords give the native immense divine grace and support through life. It also gives them a righteous or Dharmic path and outlook in life.

So, the three triads in the astrological birth chart houses of 1, 5 and 9 signify ourselves, our progeny and our father; past, present and future. Vishnu Sthanas are the Kendras or 1,4,7 and 10. Any connection between the Dharma Trikona houses or Lakshmi Sthanas and the Kendras or Vishnu Sthanas is highly beneficial to the native. In Lagnas where a Kendra and the Dharma Trikona lords are the same, that planet is the Yogakaraka planet for the Lagna.

Dharma Trikona - Lakshmi Sthanas
Dharma Trikona – Lakshmi Sthanas

Artha Trikona – 2, 6 and 10

The second, sixth and tenth houses are the Artha Trikona houses. These three triads in the birth chart tell us about the material side of a person’s life. The second house is the house of material or financial success, recognition, resources, family wealth, unearned wealth as well as speech. The sixth house is the house that shows us the service, daily work as well as the obstacles we will face and our capacity to overcome them. The 10th house is the house of our status, career, name, fame and also our success. So, naturally, a balance and strong placements of these house lords as well as in these houses show us how successful we will be in the form of material.

Artha Trikona - Material Gain
Artha Trikona – Material Gain

Kama Trikona – 3,7 and 11

The Kama houses as the name indicates are related to desire. The third house is the house of courage, motivation, impulsiveness, hobbies and power. The seventh house is the house of the others, attraction to the opposite sex, relationships, marriage and also partnerships. The 11th house is the house of financial and material gains, social network, friendship and excesses.

So these three triads in the birth chart together define all our desires in life for financial gain, companionship, spouse, partnership, sexual enjoyment, income, profit and gainful associations.

Kama Trikona - Desire, Love, Lust
Kama Trikona – Desire, Love, Lust

Moksha Trikona – 4, 8 and 12

Moksha is the ultimate destination of every birth. It is the liberation of the soul from the cycle of rebirth. The fourth, eighth and twelfth houses of the chart indicate Moksha. The fourth house is the house of emotions as well as comfort. The eighth house is the house of the occult as well as death and regeneration. The twelfth house is the house of loss and also liberation. These three triads in the Vedic birth chart indicate the person’s capability to find release or moksha.

Moksha Trikona - Release Of The Soul
Moksha Trikona – Release Of The Soul