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Tattvas: Agni, The Element Of Fire In Astrology

Traditionally as per Vedic concepts, five elements make up the world as we see it; fire, water, earth, air and ether. The signs or Rashis in Vedic astrology belong to four elements; Agni (fire), Jal (water), Prithvi (earth) and Vayu (air). All the elements have their own individual characteristics and a balance between them is what is ideal. We understand the meanings of these elements easily when comparing them to their literal meanings or how they manifest in the natural world around us.

The Element Of Fire: Signs And Planets

The signs of Mesha (Aries), Simha (Leo) and Dhanus (Sagittarius) are the fire element signs while Mars rules the element of fire in astrology. Sun and Jupiter are also fiery planets.

Each horoscope has all the houses, planets and all the four elements. However, the placement of the planets in houses define the proportions of each element. The basic aspects of a person’s temperament or personality can be determined by how the elements are balanced in their horoscope. Even in Ayurveda, the aim is always to re-balance the elements that are out of balance in our bodies to achieve optimum good health. Most often people have an emphasis on two elements and a lack of the other two elements in their horoscope.

The fire element in astrology correlates with the element of fire in the natural world.
The Fire Element

The Nature Of The Fire Element

Fire is passion, inspiration and motivation. Fire motivates us and gives us a will and drive to push forward. It is common to describe someone as a fiery person. We generally associate the fire nature with a person who is outgoing, bold, impulsive, aggressive, inspirational, joyous, very active and highly driven.

Fire has the nature of regenerating itself and gives strength to persevere. We see that people who have more of a fire element astrology in their horoscope are very intuitive, have quick thought processes are optimistic and very spontaneous. They either make huge advances in understanding or jump to conclusions.

Fire in astrology is an important element for the literal digestive process in the body. The digestive characteristics of the fire element are also applied to the concept of mental impressions and how our mind filters, processes and digests the sensory impressions that we are exposed to in life. The fire element is that part of our mind that is purely instinctive, reactive and passionate. Fire animates us while giving us the desire for life and passion. It makes us want to be and drives us to become something. The fire element gives confidence and leadership and in excessiveness makes us overconfident, egotistical and fanatic.

Fire Element: Imbalanced Or Deficient

A fire is a very active and consuming force in nature, but a fire that is uncontrolled is highly destructive. An imbalanced excessive fire element leads to a person being over-enthusiastic, over-aggressive, angry. Negative expressions include being violent, selfish, excessively impulsive, excessive risk-takers, highly accident-prone and with a tendency to give in to their passions easily. In addition to this, they start many projects that they never finish and hence they burnout. Fire in a balanced measure is essential to a person. When a person is deficient in the fire element they are cold and lack passion, drive, courage, enthusiasm, energy and creativity. They have poor digestion, dull eyes and low resistance to infections. They are uninspired and lack perseverance. 

Fire Rashis

These element classifications are expressed in the Rashis or signs that are associated with them in both the positive and negative ways. How they do this is very obvious when we study the basic characteristics of the fire astrology signs.

Mesha Or Aries

The fire in astrology characteristics manifests clearly in the Mesha or Aries Rashi. This Rashi is very exuberant, rash,  fiery and aggressive. Mesha dominant people are impulsive, strong, bold and very frank in speech. They are ambitious and very passionate about starting and making things happen. Their negative traits are impulsiveness, impatience, selfishness, egotism, pride, violence and possessiveness.

 Mesha or Aries is a fire sign in astrology.
Mesha or Aries

Simha Or Leo 

The Leo person is regal, a good leader, a good administrator, courageous while also being proud, responsible, honest, generous, fierce, loyal, independent and dominating. n the negative expression, they are vain, egotistical and very easily fall prey to flattery. When negatively expressed the Leo dominant person is fussy, arrogant, vain, impatient, impetuous, over-ambitious, over dominant and bullying.

Simha Or Leo is a fire element sign in astrology.
Simha Or Leo

Dhanus Or Saggitarius

The Dhanus or Sagittarius natives are dynamic, open-minded, fair-minded, honest, humble, optimistic, god-fearing, philosophical, versatile and enterprising as well as very blunt in speech and hate hypocrisy. They are also wise and patient but get over-committed and plan and think bigger than what is practically possible. They are restless, very curious and rarely take things at face value. When negatively expressed they can be aggressive, stubborn, blunt, harsh with speech, overconfident, casual, inconsistent as well as brash. 

Dhanus Or Saggitarius is a fire element sign.
Dhanus Or Saggitarius