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Tattvas: Vayu, The Element Of Air In Astrology

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In the Vedic tradition, the world is divided into five elements; fire, water, earth, air and ether. The Rashis or signs in Vedic astrology are classified by the four elements; Agni (fire), Jal (water), Prithvi (earth) and Vayu (air). All four elements have their own characteristics and features. We see the elements at work in the world around us and observing them helps us to better understand the meanings of their influence on the Rashis. The planets are also classified under the four elements.

The Element Of Air: Planets And Rashis

The air signs are Mithuna (Gemini), Tula (Libra) and Kumbha (Libra). Saturn rules the element of air. The planets Venus and Mercury are also airy. The moon is airy if it comes within 30° of the Sun.

Every individual’s horoscope is based on the same nine planets and twelve houses but in different placements. The placements determine which element is predominant in the person’s horoscope and also which are not. Ideally, a person would have all the elements well balanced but practically it is seen that it is usually two elements that are more emphasised in each. The science of Ayurveda also recognises the importance of this balance and attempts to create a balance for the sake of good health. 

Element of Air
Wind turbines driven by the element of air.

The Nature Of The Air Element

Air, as we can see from its nature in the world around is highly movable. The element of air in astrology controls the breath, thoughts and intellect of a person. It governs how well we communicate and relate to people. Important planets in the air elements make us very sociable. Air element signs and people are excellent communicators. They can easily communicate and get their message across to any audience. Therefore, it follows that they love to talk, discuss and debate. Air is also the sense of touch. 

The creativity of the air element lies in the ability to bring together and connect many things together. They are very perceptive. Air is not only very movable but also very flexible. Air astrology signs make people who are adaptable to change depending on the circumstances more easily than others. They are open-minded, objective, socially inclined and cooperative. Their flexibility extends to being able to understand the situations and views of other people. They are able to see a situation objectively and with the ability to understand different points of view. Their communication and flexibility do not always make them light conversationalists. They are capable of like the wind blowing softly or as hard as required to get the point across. They are curious and highly intelligent. Their curiosity makes them eager to travel and explore and keep learning more about the world. 

Element of air - windsock
A windsock that shows the direction of the wind element.

Negative Expression Of The Air Element

When the characteristics of the element of air in astrology are expressed negatively there tends to be an emphasis on over verbalising things while not taking enough action towards the same. They can also take the nature of being objective to the extreme of becoming cold and aloof. A person who is deficient in the element of air in their chart will be unable to understand other people and their points of view and also be unable to think very logically. 

The Air Signs In Astrology

The air signs in astrology are all under the influence of the element of air in astrology but in different ways. They all display similar characteristics but are still distinct from each other in many ways.

Mithuna or Gemini

The Rashi of Mithuna or Gemini is quick and of a dual nature. The twins symbolise Gemini’s air symbol astrology. The people influenced by this Rashi are adaptable, quick, communicative, eloquent, spontaneous and well-spoken. They are logical, highly intelligent and are warm and witty while being always ready to embrace change at short notice. They are noteworthy for their exceptional communication skills. The nature of adaptability, however, leads to a dual nature and inconsistency. The ability to communicate can become the ability to verbalise without deeply feeling what they are talking about, leading to superficiality.

Air sign - Gemini
The Zodiac Gemini displays the characteristics of the air element in astrology.

Tula or Libra

The Rashi of Tula or Libra is very logical and striving for balance and harmony. They are able to get along with people easily and are able to quickly find the middle ground in negotiations which makes them very good peacemakers. Libra people are principled, gentle, creative, pious and spiritual. In addition, the ideals of love and creativity are attractive to a Libra person. They also get things done by their powers of communication. The negative side of this Rashi is that they are pessimistic, tend to depression and are great procrastinators.

Air sign- Libra
Libra or Tula is an air element sign in astrology.

Kumbha or Aquarius

The Rashi of Kumbha or Aquarius has people who are great lovers of freedom in all ways. They are frank, tolerant, practical and quick-witted people while also being highly intuitive. They value the welfare of society at large more than their own personal well being. Their generosity to others can sometimes make them very insensitive and careless in their relationships with their near and dear.

Air sign Kumbha or aquarius
Aquarius or Kumbha is an air element sign in astrology.